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Tobago Travel and Car rental guide

Tobago is one of the two islands that make up the republic of Trinidad and Tobago. The capital of Tobago is Scarborough. The island of Tobago is inhabited by approximately 60,000 people with more that 18,000 residing in the capital city.

How do I get into Tobago?

The island of Tobago is served by its own airport that receives flights from various parts of the Caribbean as well as Spain and London on scheduled days of the week.

What accommodation options are there in Tobago?

As small as Tobago is, it is still very possible to get hospitality to suit your taste and budget through out the island. You have a choice between forest accommodation or beach resorts and budget as well as luxury options. If you are travelling as a group or family, you can opt to stay in self catering apartments or villas.

What transportation options are there in Tobago?

The main public transportation in Tobago is bus service. There are buses to various areas in Tobago on regular basis. The buses are the cheapest way to move a round but they are normally very crowded. You may also have to wait for the bus for longer than usual as they sometimes run late. The other mode of transport you can opt for is taxi service. There are multiple taxis you can use in Tobago but they tend to be expensive around Tobago.

Car hire

The best way to explore Tobago cheaply and with comfort is by car hire. Because of the nature of the roads in Tobago, when you rent a car, make sure it is a 4 wheel drive to be able to access as many places as possible.

There are very many car hire agencies in Tobago, including international car hire agencies. If you are running on a budget, then it is very possible for you to find cheap car hire services in Tobago.

A car rental presents opportunities that would otherwise be hard to get if you were to travel by bus or taxi. You will save some money with car rental and you do not have to travel in congested buses. Car hire also allows for flexibility and it is very convenient.

With your car rental, you can afford to drive off to various scenic sites in Tobago and still make it by night fall to enjoy the spectacular night life in the capital.

What restaurants are there in Tobago?

Tobago restaurants are the ultimate place to taste the mouth watering Tobago cuisine. These restaurants vary from Creole restaurants to the best restaurants on the island.

There are restaurant in the various regions in Tobago and they all have something great to offer the visitors.  Some popular restaurants include the pasta gallery, king bay café, la cantina, ciao café, salsa kitchen and shore things and craft among many others.

You cannot go to Tobago and fail to try out their delicacies that comprise of a blend of African, Chinese, Indian, Latin and even European cuisines. The Tobago cuisine is by far the most interesting and unique cuisine you will find anywhere in the Caribbean. The favorite of the people of Tobago are roti and curry and you must also try the dumpling and crab.

Rent a car in Tobago and hop to various restaurants in Tobago and their delicious delicacies.

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The rental car was a little old but we wanted a soft top jeep and that's what we got the car was fit for purpose bearing in mind some of the challenging road conditions on tobago