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The Amazing Tropical Philippine Tours

The Philippines is a unique destination in South East Asia.  This is an amazing tropical region with immense biodiversity from its natural resources. This is the 7th most populous country in Asia with multi ethnic backgrounds. Its culture has Malaysian, Hindu and Islamic influences, and you will find Chinese factors too.

Its islands are major attractions, and you will find tour companies marketing the Philippine island groups of:

  • Luzon.
  • Visayas.
  • Mindano.

A once in a life time tour to the Philippines is relaxing, enriching and reinvigorating.

You can find utmost peace in Philippines

Hosting the 5th coastline in the world, the Philippines have beaches. On the east of the country’s coast lies the Philippine Sea while the west and South encompass the South China and Celebes Sea, respectively. While on the islands, get yourself pampered in ultra modern spas with oriental products. You will find numerous relaxation joints for mental, physical and all round wellness.

Along the coast, tourists enjoy exclusive resort and hotel facilities in ultra modern ambience.  The Philippines landscape is characterized by important bays separating the islands. Visit the San Juanico Bridge around Samar for spectacular views.

Wild tours in the Philippines

Have you ever thought of having a wild tour around your dream island? You can hire a car for a cool ride across the steep mountainous regions of north Philippines.

Tropical rainforest

Feel surrounded by the freshness of nature and beautiful terrain. Most of these regions are covered in tropical rainforest with an amazing blend of biodiversity. Feel the depth of the forest on foot, or in a car rental tour vehicle.  You will spot the longest river in the region-the Cagayan.

Volcano areas

If you want to experience the active volcanoes of Mayon, Pinatubo and Taal, rent a car with affordable costs from the cheap car hire offers. Within the location, you find amazing rivers like the Puerto Princesa Subterranean River. This is a serene environment for you to unwind from the congested city life. The Pilipino islands are enriched with minerals and natural beauty of wild animals.

Wild animals

Rich in gold, geothermal energy, nickel and chromites; it is also endowed with wild species. Encounter over 100 mammal species, 170 bird species and 1100 land vertebrates within its ecosystem. You will simply love the Philippines mouse deer, Visaran warty pig, and bat species. Tour the varieties of nature reserves for a glimpse of large predators, reptiles, primates, and native animals. You will meet the largest crocodile in Mindano.

Plant varieties

Nature tours in a car rental van are reinvigorating. You will enjoy beautiful wild flowers, 13500 plant species among them unique orchids and rafflesia. If you prefer a taste of marine life, ride to the coast for the diversity. It costs less to use the cheap car hire rates if you choose to travel for days. The Apo Reef at the Philippine coast is the second largest continuous reef in the world. Divers will enjoy plenty of sea animals from over 2400 fish species.

Car Rental in the Philippines

On all mayor airports in the Philippines you can find cheap car rental agencies, most of them they have a large variety of vehicles, from small economy cars to luxury SUV. To see all the beauty of the Philippines it is recommended to get a car rental.

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