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Kyrgyzstan Tour and Car Hire Guide

This is a nation in the central part of Asia that offers great natural beauty and nomadic traditions. This landlocked country has the most liberal tourist visa policy in the whole of central Asia, and it is one of the most progressive post-Soviet administrations in the area.

Why should I go to Kyrgyzstan?

  • You can enjoy the blends of foods
  • You can get to this country easily
  • You can learn Russian easily and cheaply in Bishkek
  • You can spend a night in a Yurt for the first time if you have never before

What are the entry requirements in Kyrgyzstan?

In order to enter Kyrgyzstan, a valid passport for at least three months from the time you enter the country is needed, and it must have a blank page for a visa.

What restaurants will I find in Kyrgyzstan?

  • Farhad National Restauran

This restaurant focuses on traditional Kyrgyz foods with the main foods ordered by weight. The least is 500g, and the order must be placed by noon, to give the chefs time to prepare.

  • The Rich Men Café

This restaurant offers great fish and meat eaten with great foods like eggs stuffed with black or red caviar. This restaurant serves wine and champagne.

  • Old Edgar

In this restaurant, you will get Russian pizza, fish and salads. This restaurant features a nice bar and relaxing live music.

  • Adriatico Paradise

This restaurant serves Italian cuisine made by a native Italian chef. A 30 cm pizza goes for about 200Som and pasta dishes go for about 230Som (Som is the currency used in Kyrgyzstan).

  • Arzu Café
  • This restaurant has several vegetarian options. If you are a Non-vegetarian, you can try the breizol which goes for about Som55-, and is pounded with meat around the vegetables and tomatoes.

How can I move around in Kyrgyzstan?

Taxi and Buses

Minibuses, popularly known as marshrutkas and taxis are the most common means of transport in this country. They are not expensive, and they run on every town center or bus terminal. You can get a private taxi by buying all the taxi seats at the bus terminal and or getting in touch with a taxi company directly.


The only rail is between Balykchy to Tokmok through to Bishkek, to Karabalta and to the border of Kazakh. The trains normally take twice the time used by a taxi. However, you get to see interest folks like pensioners.


Bikes are very common in this country, especially around Issyk Kul. You can access the southern mountains to Tajikistan with bikes.

Car Rental

Car rental is the most convenient way of exploring this country. With a car rental, you can visit the different places in Kyrgyzstan that would be hard to access by other means of transport. There are various car rental companies in this country, and you can choose the car that suits you best from some of the car rental agencies. You can also get cheap car hire services as well if you do not wish to spend so much on transport.

When booking a car to rent in Kyrgyzstan, it is advisable to read through the important information on the country’s laws of traffic.

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