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Hong Kong tour and car hire guide

Since this great city has wonderful skyline, food with great tastes, shopping and wonderful nightlife, it has become quite common amongst tourists. The society of Hong Kong is a blend of eastern and western societies, and people from this city can speak English or mandarin and a lot of other foreign languages. Hong Kong may appear to be like most cities on earth, but it has a lot more to offer.

Why should I go to Hong Kong?
  • To ride the ding ding.
  • The place is good for shopping.
  • It is very family-friendly.
  • It has food options for all.
What is the climate like in Hong Kong?

Hong Kong experiences a monsoon-influenced climate. It is normally calm for more than half of the year. The winters in Hong Kong are calm and dry while the summers are hot and wet. The annual rain varies from below 1000mm to above 3000mm with an annual standard of about 2,383mm. Eighty percent of the rain falls between the months of May and September. The wettest month of all in Hong Kong is August with standard rainfall at 445mm. The driest month in Hong Kong is January with standard rainfall of about 25mm.

The temperatures in Hong Kong are low since it is a mountainous region. The coolest times in Hong Kong are from December to February, and the warmest times are between late May and September.

Where can I stay once I am in Hong Kong?

The Langham

This is a hotel of great architecture and has chandeliers that are simply beautiful. The rooms in this hotel are standard and quite simple, even though client traffic is on the low. The hotel is found in Tsim Sha Tsui which has main streets and a lot of shopping malls.

The four seasons

This hotel is regarded as one of the leading hotels in Hong Kong. The rooms in this hotel are designed in a great way with modern furnishings. They have different Chinese ink work of arts and sculptures that make every room unique in its own way.

The peninsula

The grand peninsula was constructed in the early 1920s, and it has a charm that other hotels would only envy. It is well known as the best in Hong Kong, and it has hosted many tourists. The hotel has tasteful collections that are made with Victorian magnificence.

How can I travel around Hong Kong?
By public transport

There are several ways in which you can travel around Hong Kong. Some of the modes of transportation include taxis, ferries, trains, busses, trams and car rental services.

By car rental

Car hire gives you the chance to explore the beautiful places in Hong Kong at your own convenience. You can also shop at your own convenience in Hong Kong with your car rental as Hong Kong is one of the world’s greatest shopping destinations.

You can get car rental services once you arrive at the airport and you can get car hire agencies all over Hong Kong, as well. Booking the car rental services in advance gives you the chance to compare the different car hire rates from different car hire companies. You can also get cheap car hire services from various car hire agencies in Hong Kong.

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