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If you are not sure which car to rent or do not understand completely how it works, you can always contact our call center by phone or live chat. We can help you out by selecting the right car for you and advising there where its needed.

Travel restrictions in Guadeloupe for my car rental

You are not allowed to drive your rental car in prohibited areas, or driving on ice, unbridged rivers and streams, foreshores and other off-road terrains. Please ask the local car rental company for any possible restrictions.

Terms and conditions works with many large and small car rental agencies, each car rental company has their own terms and conditions. We recommend you to always read and check carefully the detailed terms before you book you car rental. Our call center is 7 days available by phone or chat if you have any doubts regarding the terms, we are happy to assist you.

Cheap family rental cars

When traveling with family and children, we recommend you select a car with enough space for luggage and enough space to fit child seats. Children must travel save in a child seat/booster depending on their weight or how tall they are. offers a wide range of variety of station wagons, mini vans in Guadeloupe.

Car rental travels with babies or kids

Most car rental offer a baby or child seat/booster when traveling with babies or kids. You can find out if they do and how much the extra fee is. It is described in the detailed rental terms. Be advised that baby or child seat/boosters are subject to availability of the car rental company.

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A Guide to Guadeloupe

Guadeloupe is a group of Islands lying in the West Indies. It is a French speaking island well known for its picturesque beaches, clear waters along with lively nightlife. The island provides a perfect environment to learn French. This region is not fully exploited, but has so much to offer.

How do I get into Guadeloupe?

This should not be a problem, because the Island has a quality airport known as Pole Caraibes airport. Although there might not be many flights that fly direct into the Island, Air France has come out to fill the void perfectly well. Ground transport in Guadeloupe should not stress you either. You can travel by bus, taxi; rent a car or even a bike.

Car hire in Guadeloupe

It would be advisable to rent a car if you would like to marvel in the beauty of these islands. This is because most of the less visited and scenic locations on the Island are only accessible by car. Additionally, the Island has quality and well maintained roads, therefore, you should not think twice about contacting a car rental company.

There are plenty of cheap car hire companies in Guadeloupe that are certain to provide you with the automobile of your choice. It is advisable that you call early in advance so that you get your choice car reserved for you. Car hire is a convenient way to explore this region as compared to the other means of transport. So, if you would like to explore numerous inspiring destinations along the way, rent the car of your choice.

What documents do I need for a Car rental in Guadeloupe?
  • Valid Passport
  • Valid Driving License and International Driving License
  • A Credit Card in the name of the principle driver
Where do I stay in Guadeloupe?

Searching for accommodation should not be such a daunting endeavor. There are plenty of accommodation facilities to suit each type of tourist. If you are on budget, your needs will be perfectly catered for as well. There are luxurious resorts you can select from, if you are after a luxurious place to stay. Some of the top hotels include;

  • Eden Rock
  • Le Toiny
  • Carl Gustaf Hotel
  • Gunanhani Hotel
Guadeloupe- Did you know?
  • Guadeloupe is a cluster of a total of nine inhabited islands
  • Christopher Colombus came across these islands in the year 1493
  • The islands boast of Caribbean’s highest waterfall
  • There is a trademark dance of this Island known as beguine that is always performed in colorful Creole attire.
What about tourist attractions?

Guadeloupe makes an outstanding tourist destination. The main activities in the area are hiking, photography, surfing, swimming, snorkeling and sightseeing. There are plenty of sugar plantations on the Islands that have stood for hundreds of years as the main industry on the Islands.

Pintre-a-Pitre is one breathtaking spot that blends colonial architecture and West Indian culture. It is an architecture that has stood for long and withstood numerous hurricanes, fires and earthquakes. If you love architecture, this remains the best destination to visit.

Rent a car and visit Parc National de la Guadeloupe. It is an outstanding orchid and fern covered hill that makes it unique and irresistible to tourists. In this region, you can also see other things like a zoo and a forest reserve.

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Facts about car rental in Guadeloupe

  • Last month, the average car rental length in Guadeloupe was 10 days.
  • The average rental car length in Guadeloupe is 10 days.
  • The most booked rental car type currently in Guadeloupe is MINI cars.
  • Last year, the most booked rental car type in Guadeloupe were MINI cars.
  • How much does it cost to rent a car in Guadeloupe? Last month, the average car rental price was 440 USD.
  • Last year, how much did it cost to rent a car in Guadeloupe? Last year, the average car rental price was 440 USD.
  • What is the current average daily price to rent a in Guadeloupe? Last month, the average rental price was 44 USD per day.
  • How much did it cost to rent a car in Guadeloupe over the past 12 months? Last Year, the average rental price was 44 USD per day.
  • The car rental companies available in Guadeloupe are: Alamo, National, Enterprise, Green Motion, Avis.

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Guadeloupe Rental Car Reviews
See below last 5 customer reviews. Our customers rated Guadeloupe Car Rental with an average of 9.50 based on 4 ratings.

Reviewed by:

Mr Jan

Rentalcargroup Service:

Guadeloupe car rental reviewGuadeloupe car rental reviewGuadeloupe car rental reviewGuadeloupe car rental reviewGuadeloupe car rental review


November 23, 2021


Thumbs Up

Car almost new, great deal on rental price, pleasant staff to deal with...

Reviewed by:

Mr Patrick

Rentalcargroup Service:

Guadeloupe car rental reviewGuadeloupe car rental reviewGuadeloupe car rental reviewGuadeloupe car rental reviewGuadeloupe car rental review


October 15, 2021


The Way It Should Be

Speedy, no nonsense, good car (if underpowered), efficient.

Reviewed by:

Mr Terence

Rentalcargroup Service:

Guadeloupe car rental reviewGuadeloupe car rental reviewGuadeloupe car rental reviewGuadeloupe car rental reviewGuadeloupe car rental review


February 09, 2022


Great Rental Experience

Rented a small car for our vacation in guadeloupe. the company and arrangements were easy and reasonable. when we had to change the return time due to flight cancellation, it was an easy phone call to the local office at the ptp airport and they were totally accommodating. only complaint is the inside of the windshield was dirty/hadn't been cleaned.

Reviewed by:

Mr Giorgio

Rentalcargroup Service:

Guadeloupe car rental reviewGuadeloupe car rental reviewGuadeloupe car rental reviewGuadeloupe car rental review


January 24, 2022


All Ok. Polo W. Just New.

Good service all right.