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Mykonos Airport Car Rental | Car Hire in Mykonos Airport

Mykonos Airport Car RentalMykonos, a large cosmopolitan island in the Greek island group known as the Cyclades, is a popular tourist destination, also called the ‘Mecca of Travelling’, thanks to the many sights and attractions it has on offer. Indeed, the beauty of the Cyclades coupled with the strong contemporary architecture makes it a dream haven for tourists from all over the world. Visit most of the popular tourist destinations and sightseeing with our superb car rental services.

With a shrine dedicated to ‘Our Lady of the Postern gate’, the Church of Paraportiani is an eclectic mix of Byzantine and Hispanic architecture with a beautiful seaside backdrop adorning its views. The Mykonos residents claim to have a total of 365 churches in their city, but this church is by far the most popular amongst them all.

The Alefkandra Quarter is christened the ‘Little Venice’ because the similarity of the cobblestone neighbourhoods with red roofed houses and picturesque villas melting into the seashore when seen from a hilltop, almost like the Venice skyline. This neighbourhood features bars and hip discos in most of the tiny rooms for a splendid sunset view. Caprice is one of the biggest attractions in Little Venice.  Our car hire services are ideal for seeing all of these sights and more.

The balmy climate with windy conditions favoured the setting up of windmills during the 18th century and these windmills, though old-fashioned are still important power generators today. The Wind Mills Avenue in Mykonos, situated on a vertical altitude, is the best place in Mykonos to view the sunset on the horizon. You can also enjoy a bird’s eye view of the Little Venetian skyline.

Mykonos is home to several museums, which are quaint, charming and tiny and have limited but great displays and exhibits. You can start the museum tour with the Archaeological Museum; move to the Folklore Museum, head on to Lena’s Museum and then finish off with Agricultural Museum, each of them having varied artefacts and rare insights into the Mykonos life.

Our car hire services ensure that you get to see most of the iconic destinations of Mykonos and delve right into the Mykonos culture.  There are many more marvels in Mykonos such as the Ano Mera, a hill top, the Monastery of Paleokastro and others.  Enjoy them all with Mykonos car rental which is cost effective and perfect for those who want to do more than spend their holidays on the beach.

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We rent a car for 5 days from the airport, they give us a really good car and we take it in a very simple way. all the people of the rental group were very nice with us and always ready to help us. good job!!!