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Nuremberg Airport Car Rental | Car Hire in Nuremberg Airport

Nuremberg Airport Car RentalNuremberg Airport Tour Guide

Nuremberg Airport is an international airport in Franconia that is a city of Nuremberg. Nuremberg airport is the 2nd busiest airport in Bavaria and is ranked 67th among all the airports in Germany.

What are the facilities offered at Nuremberg airport?

Some of the facilities offered at the airport include the following:

  1. Prayer room
  2. ATMs and currency exchange
  3. Lost-luggage
  4. Kid’s play areas
  5. Lost-and-found desks
  6. Baby-changing facilities
Can I exchange currency at the airport?

It is possible to exchange foreign currency at the airport since there is a foreign exchange office at the airport that deals with that. You will also get the following from the foreign exchange office:

  • Cash transfer transaction
  • Travel insurance
  • Telephone cards
  • Cashback from EC and credit cards
How do I travel from the airport?

You will find various means of transport at the airport to your destination. You could use taxis, buses, shuttle services, limousine services or you could simply use car rental services from the airport.

There are a number of car rental agencies at Nuremberg that offer different car rental rates. Different car rental companies offer different car brands such as Mercedes A-class,peugeot 407,VW Polo,peugeot 308 and many others. When you rent a car from the airport, you will not have to go through the hustles of waiting for a bus or even paying escalating taxi fares.

If you are on budget, you can get cheap car hire services from different car hire companies at the airport.

With a car rental, you can explore and enjoy the different places in Nuremberg.

What restaurants are there at or near Nuremberg Airport?
  • Alter Post

Locals visit this restaurant for business, lunch and dinners and tourists also enjoy the high standards of the restaurant. The restaurant has undergone renovations and its new look makes it more unique for any occasion. You can enjoy your food while in the serene restaurant garden. This restaurant offers, European, German, Cajun and Creole cuisine.

  • Parlof

This restaurant has something to offer for everyone. It serves fast food as well as healthy food. You can enjoy the pizzas in the restaurant or you could choose the specials of the day such as the Monat Bratwurstabend on the third Wednesday of the month and Monat Sauerbraten on the second Sunday. The restaurant can hold a total of seventy people and it is the best place to host parties.

  • Frankenstube

This restaurant is located 2.1 miles from the airport and is very common with locals, so it is advisable to book a table in advance.Frankenstube is well furnished and also has an area set aside for the smokers. Some of the dishes served by this restaurant include fresh mushrooms, lamb cutlets and vegetable lasagne.During summer, a beer garden that accommodates 100 people is open.

  • Fischkuche Pirckheimer

This restaurant is located 2.4miles from the airport and it serves various delicacies. The menu comprises of dishes such as prawns, salmon, oysters and Carp. The restaurant has a wide range of meat dishes such as schnitzel.

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We did not face with a suprise. everything was well orginized exept car return. accually it is not fault of the company but more specific info would be given to leave the car. we tried to get intouch with a responsible but not able to do that.