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Cologne Airport Car Rental | Car Hire in Cologne Airport

Cologne Airport Car RentalCologne/Bonn Airport Information

Cologne or Bonn Airport is a German international airport that is located in the city of Cologne, in a district known as Porz. It neighbors a nature reserve known as Wahnerheide, and it is centrally located in the region of Cologne/Bonn. It lies 14.8km from the city center of Cologne and sixteen kilometers northeast of Bonn. It is among Germany’s largest airports, and among the few that operate twenty four hours a day.

How is ground transport like from the Airport?

There are several options for getting to either Cologne or Bonn from the Cologne/Bonn Airport. According to your tastes, you can either choose shuttle buses, taxis, limousines, trains or rent a car. There is a public bus 161 that runs from the airport to Cologne, with another one, 640 running to Bonn at intervals of 30 minutes.

Airport shuttles

Airport shuttle services are available in plenty, and they take 20 to 35 minutes to their destinations. Most of the major hotels in the two towns have courtesy shuttles for all of their guests. It is advisable that you make arrangements with your hotel to facilitate transport services from the airport.


They offer the fastest travel means and are usually found outside the airport’s terminals 1 and 2. They take duration of 15 minutes to reach Cologne. Services to the city of Bonn might take longer.


There is a railway station located between the airport’s two terminals, and trains run regularly to Cologne and other cities. You need to know that trains have to pass via Cologne to Bonn.

Car rental

The availability of a wide array of car rental companies providing cheap car hire services makes it easy to rent the car of your choice. Car rental is a viable travel option because you are not going to waste time waiting, like it is the case with trains and buses. Taxis might be expensive for a tourist wishing to travel to multiple destinations. There are limousines with drivers, to offer you a stylish transport means as well. These are expensive and are mostly used by business people.

Are there any hotels within the airport?

The airport sees through numerous visitors on a daily basis. It is therefore, served by a wide array of hotels. Additionally, the two cities, Bonn and Cologne have plenty of hotel establishments for all tourists to select from. The Holiday Inn Bonn Airport hotel is situated at the airport’s entrance and boasts of an array of modern facilities. There are other hotels in the vicinity that include;

  • Hotel AM Flughafen
  • Concorde Hotel Terminal
  • The Airport Garden Hotel Karsten
What can a tourist explore in Cologne/Bonn?

Cologne is a spectacular city that boasts of picturesque ancient building like the Gothic cathedral as well as plenty of museums. Another thing worth visiting is the Botanical Gardens and not forgetting the zoo. You can rent a car and visit them at your convenience. Bonn was West Germany’s capital city. It was destroyed a great deal during the war, but there are still plenty of medieval buildings. Marktplatz and Münsterplatz are some of the destinations that   you must also visit as well.

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