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Memmingen Airport Car Rental | Car Hire in Memmingen Airport

Memmingen Airport Car RentalMemmingen-Allgäu Airport Tour Guide

Memmingen- Allgäu Airport, officially known as Memmingen Airport is a small size public airport located in Memmingerberg near Memmingen. Among the three commercial airports located in Bavaria, this is the smallest. It also remains Germany’s leading high altitude commercial airport. It was initially known as Allgäu Airport, until September 2008.

Memmingen Airport lies 3.8 km from the center of Memmingem, and 110 km from the center of the capital city of Germany, Munich. It primarily serves Allgäu and Memmingen areas, and provides an alternative to Munich Airport.

What means of transport are available from the airport?

There are plenty of travel options from Memmingen-Allgäu Airport. Taxis are some of the most popular means. There are several holiday taxi companies that are certain to provide you with reliable taxi services to the specific destination you are heading towards. Buses are also available in plenty, and are cheaper compared to taxis.

However, if you would like to tour the Memmingen or Allgäu areas in style and conclusively, it would be advisable that you rent a car. The fact that you can rent a car online makes it convenient for the passengers.  Additionally, there are plenty of car rental service providers offering tourists cheap car hire services.

Is there ample parking space at the airport?

The airport has plenty of parking spaces for all passengers who have rented cars. There is short term parking, business parking as well as long term parking. If you have plans to rent a car, parking is not going to pose a challenge whatsoever.

Are there any hotels at the airport?

Memmingen-Allgäu Airport hosts a couple of top class hotels. You need to note that food is likely to be expensive here. Some of these hotels do not accept credit cards and therefore, you need to have cash. As it is, changing your currency would really be wise. Here, they use Euros. Some of the hotels at the airport are;

  • Haus Marlene
  • Hotel Weisses Ross
  • Schwarzer Adler
  • Airport Hotel Berger’s Park
What about the official language?

Being a German Airport, German is the official language spoken at the airport. However, various service providers like taxi operators, car rental companies, hotels, among others usually have support staff who can speak a couple of foreign languages. In case you would like to tour inland Germany, knowing a couple of German words and phrases is imperative.

Can I drive from the Airport?

You need a valid driving license to drive in Germany. If you got yours from any of the European Union countries, you can use it. However, if it was issued by any country outside the EU, you are only allowed to use it for a maximum of six months from the day you arrive. The country has well maintained roads, meaning driving is going to be one enjoyable experience.

What can a tourist see in Memmingen?

The region is rich in tourist attractions. Some of the most popular attractions you ought to see include;

  • Frauenkirche (Church of our lady)
  • Salzstadel (salt warehouse)
  • The Twelve Articles House
  • Seven-Roofs House
  • Canals in Memmingen

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Avis At The Memmingen Airport, Germany.

I am not a regular customer of a car rental business but one think did a little surprise me this time. none of the company's employees were present during the car pick up or drop off moments.