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Aruba Car Rental – Rent a car in Aruba

Aruba is an island in the southern Caribbean Sea, it is a popular holiday destination because of its climate. Aruba is known for its flora and fauna and white beaches. To see this beautiful island many clients opt for a car rental. For the cheapest rental prices for Aruba use the specialist in car hire in Aruba. For the best rental experience have a look at our travel tips.

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Discover More with an Aruba Car Rental

The island of Aruba is located in the Caribbean and is one of the three islands that form the ABC islands. Aruba makes up the kingdom of Netherlands with other states and islands. The citizens of Aruba are also referred to as Dutch with the capital of Aruba being Oranjestad. It is estimated that Aruba is inhabited by at least 100,000 people.  The main airport is Queen Beatrix International Airport.

What should should I visit Aruba?

Aruba is unlike other Caribbean islands as it constitutes of dry climate with an arid cactus landscape. This makes it an ideal tourist destination as you are guaranteed warm sunny climate most of the time and you can enjoy the amazing numerous beaches.

What is there to see in Aruba with a car rental?

Aruba being a Caribbean island, you are guaranteed to enjoy amazing beaches. You can also tour the alto visto chapel which is the site of the main chapel built in 1952. You can enjoy the view of the Arikok Mountain as you tour the Arikok national park. Inside this national park, you get to see the oldest Arawak drawing as well as the trail leading to a botanical garden and the Aruba animals.

Aruba is the only place you will get to find the California lighthouse built in 1914 and is named after the S.S. California, a wooden ship which sank near the shore. You cannot miss to visit the natural pool which is a water pool that is concealed in a rock formation protruding to the ocean at the Aruba shore. It is advisable to rent a car, a 4wheel preferably, in order to visit this area.

If you are interested in farming, you can pay a visit to the aloe factory where you can learn a few things concerning aloe farming.  These are just a few of the things you can do in Aruba.

What activities can one enjoy in Aruba?

Due to the number of beaches in Aruba, watersport activities are numerous on the island. You can explore the underwater creatures as well as ship wrecks while you enjoy diving. You cannot miss the Boca Catalina ship wreck site if you are the curious kind of person. You can also enjoy the international film festival that is an annual festival in Aruba. Snorkeling, sailing and sea trek are also interesting water sports.

You can also indulge in cycle tours, horseback rides, rock climbing and you can take your 4wheel car rental for 4wheel tours. There is so much more to do in Aruba.

What transportation options do I have in Aruba?

You can explore Aruba by bus, boar or car. While buses and boats are good options, they do not offer as much opportunities to explore the most of Aruba as a car rental would. The roads in Aruba are in great conditional thus driving here is a wonderful experience.

Car rental requirements in Aruba

In Aruba, you can get at least 12 international car rental agencies with some situated in major airports. There are also numerous car hire companies in the major hotels, capital city and other cities. You will only require having a valid international driver’s license and of the age of 21 and beyond to qualify for car hiring services in Aruba.

When you rent a car in Aruba, you are guaranteed to enjoy the most of these beautiful island by day and enjoy the beautiful nightlife without worrying about missing transportation means to your hotel.

Car rental tips for Aruba

Traffic rules in Aruba

In urban areas the speed limit is 30km/h, out of town its 60 km/h and on faster roads it is 80 km/h. In some occasions there is a specific indicated lower speed limit. All occupants of the car need to wear a seat belt when driving in Aruba.

Young drivers

To rent a car on Aruba the driver must be at least 25 years old. For drivers aged 21 to 24 a young driver fee is mandatory depending on the car rental company. Make sure to check this in order to avoid any surprises.

Child seats

All children under 5 years cannot sit in the front of the car. They need to be seated in a appropriate child seat in the back of the vehicle. If you are traveling with children under 5 years, please book a child seat when you rent a car.

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Only bad thing was no fluid in the front windshield washer and had to stop and spray water from our water bottle to clean it.