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Zambia Travel and Car rental Guide

The republic of Zambia is a southern Africa landlocked state. It is neighbored by Tanzania, democratic republic of Congo, Namibia, Mozambique, Malawi, Botswana and Zimbabwe. The capital city of Zambia is Lusaka.

Why should I visit Zambia?

If you are in search of an amazing safari experience, then Zambia is the place you should travel to. Zambia is home to one of the natural wonders of the world, the Victoria Falls, which is also a UNESCO heritage site.

How do I get to Zambia?

There are different visa policies for different states. To get accurate information, contact a Zambian embassy in your country or your immigration officers. The best way to get into Zambia is by plane. You will land at the Lusaka international airport. This airport offers direct flights to and from various parts of Europe, Asia and Africa. Zambia is also accessible via train, international bus service and car from some of its neighboring states.

Where do I stay while in Zambia?

There is various stay at places in Zambia. They vary from expensive accommodation in world class hotels like the intercontinental or you can opt for much cheaper accommodation like at the Ndeke independent hotel or you can stay at various camp sites, a dorm or a double room at the ku-omboka backpackers or chachacha backpackers. There are accommodation options in the bushes where you can enjoy a great night in the local hotels.

Which Transportation and Car hire options are available in Zambia?

When in Zambia, you will want to make plenty of time to see most of it, mainly due to its large size and vast distances that need to be covered. You can opt to travel by plane to various tourist destinations and towns in Zambia. However, domestic air transportation can be expensive.

There are minivans that offer transportation in Zambia. They are irregular and are normally very uncomfortable as they are overloaded with passengers. There are buses that are more comfortable than the minivans.

The best way to avoid the hustle of having to deal with the above means of transportation and to make sure you explore as much of Zambia as possible is by car hire. There are a variety of car hire agencies in Zambia that comprise of both local and international car hire companies.

When you rent a car in Zambia, make sure it is a 4wheel car. This is because most of the roads are rough and dirt roads. You can arrange for airport car rental pick up and drop of with the car hire company prior to your arrival. This will make sure that you have a reliable transport means once you land at the airport. With your car rental, you will be able to drive to various locations like the various national parks like Kafue national park and lower Zambezi national park among other destinations. You can restaurant hop in various towns in Zambia as you sample the tasty Zambian delicacies. You can wash down your meal with Zambian traditional brew, the Mosi, eagle or Zambezi lager. If you are on budget, you can as well get cheap car hire services.

Rent a car in Zambia and enjoy a memorable safari from one of the best African countries.   

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