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Travel and Car hire Guide for Yemen

This is a country in southern Arabia. It is bordered by Saudi Arabia and The United Arab Emirates.

Why Yemen

Despite the civil wars, this country is an absolute site. There is a lot of historical background connected to Yemen due to its geographical position. Many great empires, including the Persian Empire, have passed through Yemen living behind a trail of tales to be told.

While your there…

You have to see the historical Hadhramaut region in the East of the country where you will hear of great tales of great empires that were. If you are going to leave early, do not leave without visiting the historical cities of Hadhramaut; Shibam, Seiyun and Tarim. Also, visit the capital cities elevated enchanting old city and the island of Socotra beautified by its exotic plants and animals.

How to get there

To go by plane is probably the easiest way to get to Yemen. Another easy way is to go by road on the buses that drive through the Arabian Peninsula. They are relatively comfortable if you happen to find the right buses to board, or you will be stuck in a very uncomfortable one for hours. If you can, avoid going by car. The regulations at the border are hectic, and you might not even get through. Ferries are very cheap from Djibouti and could get you there, but, be warned- they have a reputation of being less than comfortable.  There is no train that goes to Yemen.

What you will need

The first thing you will need is information. Rules and regulations concerning the Yemen visas change often. Visit the embassy in your area and if you can, talk to a travel agent in Sana’a. You have to have a visa before you arrive because there is no visa issued upon arrival to Yemen. You could get a visa for more than 30days, if you’re lucky.


Most of the five hotels are in the  . These are the likes of Hilton and Sheraton. There other less extravagant hotels in the city though. Outside the city, there is far less extravagant accommodation, but they are manageable.

Travelling within Yemen by public transport or Car hire

The buses will take you anywhere in Yemen. Car rental services are common amongst tourists. You will probably want to hire a driver to drive you around. With the car hire services, you will most probably be advised to hire a 4WD, especially if you’re going to be driving into some of the rural areas. You will also find it so much easier to hire a car if you will be travelling outside the major cites in Yemen. Another reason to hire a car is because the driver will probably know how to spot areas of danger in the rural areas where the buses don’t usually go to. Plus, it is generally better to hire a car if you’re a tourist because of your schedule.

It is possible to get cheap car hire services in Yemen; in case you are here on a budget.

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