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Yampa Valley Airport Car RentalYampa Valley Airport

This public airport is located on the Eastern side of Hayden and 40 kilometers west of Steam boat springs located in Rout County, Colorado, USA. Yampa valley airport covers an area of 671 acres and has one runway. The airport is the only one that supports the North West Colorado services. For the private aircrafts which are too large to operate at the Airport in Steam Boat Springs, they use the Yampa valley airport for their general aviation.

Yampa Valley Airport Facilities and Terminals

The airport has recently expanded parking lots, terminals and Apron. It also has six gates that are able to hold any Dash 8, CRJ 700, CRJ 200, Boeing 757, Airbus A319 and Boeing 737 that visit. However, the airport has got no jet bridges only air stairs. It also has a private ramp which has a private jet capacity of 30. This limited space has hindered private jets that are large from parking there especially during the winter.

Yampa Valley Airport Operations

The garage for operations of this airport has two ARFF trucks that are run by seasonal and also full time fire fighters. These fire fighters operate a C ARFF index from December to March, and a B ARFF index from April to November. When a flight carrying more than 10 passengers is either departing or arriving, the trucks get filled with the fire fighters. Should the fire fighters need some more aid, they can call on North Routt District Fire Protection or also West Routt District Fire Protection.

For transportation from the airport, there is a public bus, car hire services as well as local taxis companies that offer transport services from the Yampa valley airport to the city. The most ideal way would be by car hire. You can rent a car prior to your arrival. This way you will ensure that there is a car rental waiting upon your arrival. With a car rental, you will be able to explore as much of Hayden as possible. You can rent a car from the airport’s terminal as there are several car hire companies there. You can get cheap car hire rates if you are on a budget.

Procedures of the Yampa Valley Airport Aircraft

The airport lacks a control tower for air traffic. All the aircrafts are controlled either on a Unicom or/and CTAF, and the aircrafts receive their control services for approach from the Denver center. The parking lots, as well as gates in the airport, are given on the operation channel of the airport and fuel for the Jet is provided by Galaxy aviation’s FBO. Since Hayden is an area that is highly populated aircrafts that are departing from runway 28 require making a left or right turn so as to avoid the populated areas. There is the availability of the ILS approach for the aircrafts departing from runway 10.

Yampa Valley Airport Airline Destinations

The seasonal flights are from December all the way to April, and the only service that runs all year round is that from the international airport of Denver. Below are some more destinations from the various Yampa valley airport airlines:

  • Delta Airlines goes to Atlanta (seasonal).
  • American Airlines goes to Fort Worth/Dallas and Chicago-O’Hare (Seasonal).
  • Unites express that is Republic Airlines operated goes to Denver.

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