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Wilmington Airport Car Rental | Car Hire in Wilmington Airport

Wilmington Airport Car RentalWilmington New Castle Airport

The airport is conveniently located 5 minutes from Wilmington and only 25 minutes from Philadelphia. The airport also has a connection to New York and Washington DC in less than 2 hours among other major cities around.


The airport sits on a 1’250 acre piece of land. It holds three paved runways made of asphalt. It has a daily average of 184 aircraft operations. Most of those operations are of general aviation. About 15% of the operations are attributed to military and air taxi services. There are around 200 aircrafts in the area, half of those are single-engine and just above a quarter of those are jets. The other quarter compromised of multi-engines, helicopters and military aircrafts with the multi- engine taking the better part of the portion. The airport has one terminal occupied by offices of various air taxi companies, rental car companies and a cafe.

Customer services

Due to the size of the airport, it is staffed by an average number of employees who are mostly local. This is just to suggest how friendly they are. The airport is busy, and you will find that the staff has adapted to this kind of environment; doing their daily duties and catering to you diligently. There are convenient connections to major cities in the country. These include New York and the capital city of USA, Washington DC, as mentioned before. This is because the airport is very close to the Eastern Coast of America. These cities also lie along the Eastern Coast. If you had planned to access a more interior location in the state, there are air taxi services you can access at the airport. These are usually for a small number of people and are supervised by a private pilot from the area.


There is no available accommodation within the airport. However, this will not be a problem due to the proximity of the airport to the town and the city of Philadelphia. There is a wide range of hotels you can select from, especially in Philadelphia. They range from world class hotels with high per night rate to very affordable inns if you’re on a budget.

Travel to and within the town

Most of the locals go by bus and visitors go by taxi, or they rent a car. If you’re staying for a couple of days or more, it is advisable that you rent a car. You will find that going by taxi from day to day can take a toll on your finances. It would be a lot more convenient to rent a car. You can find cheap car hire companies as soon as you alight from your fight. The car rental companies range from local to national and even international. This means that the price range is just as wide. The car hire companies have a variety of cars from you pick from. Using a car hire company would give you freedom as well as comfort and reliability.

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