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Wichita Mincontinent Airport Car Rental | Car Hire in Wichita Mincontinent Airport

Wichita Mincontinent Airport Car RentalWichita Mincontinent airport car rental

The busiest airport serving Sedgwick County in Kansas, Wichita Mincontinent Airport is a huge commercial airport with contemporary facilities and numerous amenities for travellers. It is located around 7 miles from downtown Wichita and handles flights to premier destinations in the USA like Memphis, Los Angeles, Denver and others.  Downtown Wichita is located in close proximity to the Wichita Mincontinent Airport and is thus, a quick getaway to explore for people with time to spare between connecting flights and tourists headed to Kansas. With plenty of car rental outlets here, the airport has everything that the traveller needs.

If you take a right from the commercial district of Wichita, you enter the Old Town, known for its old-fashioned buildings, archaic monuments and cobblestone pavements. This phase of the city houses beautiful museums, many of which are worth a visit, such as the Museum of World Treasures, the Wichita Sedgwick County Museum, and the Great Plains Transportation Museum amongst others. There are more than a hundred vintage shops and beautiful cafes for you to check out.

Drive out of Wichita and you’ll get to savour the amazing sights of Flint Hills State Park, spanning more than 13 states of the US. If you can trek to the Observatory at one of the vantage points, you’ll get rewarded with picturesque views. The blooming flowers, the exotic wildlife species, and the serene natural surroundings of the Flint Hills enthral every tourist.  The State Park is easier to reach for those who have opted for car hire. 

The County Zoo in the vicinity of Wichita is one of the largest zoos in USA. There are more than 2500 species of exotic wildlife found in the zoo, in conditions that perfectly simulate natural habitat conditions. There are more than 100 acres of verdant landscaping at the County Zoo, perfect for leisurely strolls and picnics. If you are a visitor with kids in tow, you must not miss a visit to the County Zoo.

In avenues like the Kellogg Road, North Rock Road, and the Maize Road, you can find flea markets, vintage shopping malls and many more places for shopaholics to rejoice. At the Bradley Fair, you are treated to a Duck Pond and fountains that make shopping a more picturesque experience. Cafes and restaurants are abundant in the area and you can sample some great cuisine while shopping.

Upscale eateries like the Water Front, located on the Beech Pond at Wichita, are great places for fine dining and clubbing in Wichita. There are plenty of nightlife options in the region too.  Wichita car rental is a great way to get around and will help you to make the most of your holiday in the area.

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