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Westchester Airport Car RentalWestchester Airport

Serving the Westchester County in New York, Westchester Airport is one of the most efficient airport facilities in the vicinity of the New York Metro. With ergonomic lobbies, parking avenues, gateways, duty free shops, and flight terminals, Westchester Airport is a wonderful public transport facility connecting the Westchester suburbs to the rest of the US with daily flights.

If you have to wait on account of the connecting flights at the Westchester Airport, you can explore the cosmopolitan suburbs of White Plains, North Castle, and Harrison. Situated within an hour of the Westchester Airport, are the plush suburbs of New York and Manhattan. The best way to see this area if time is limited is to choose car hire. It is also a very affordable way to see the sights of Westchester and the surrounding areas for those on a budget.

The cosmopolitan suburbs of White Plains are best known for the shopping malls, elegant restaurants with exquisite fine dining amenities and upscale parks situated within their city limits. Boutique shopping aficionados will find the White Plains to be the perfect place for a quick stroll around the designer stores for haute couture shopping. You can grab a quick bite at the Mamaroneck Ave and sample succulent beverages.

Located within six miles of the Westchester Airport, Harrison is a major University Town with a lot of serene college campuses in the vicinity. The town is home to Fordham University, Westchester Community College and several others. The Rye Playland at the Harrison is a major tourism attraction with beach fronts, swimming pools and food courts.

The Big Apple is less than an hour away from the Westchester Airport and is a favourite place to explore between connecting flights amongst travellers. You have significant cultural landmarks, cosmopolitan neighbourhoods and posh shopping promenades to tour. The best places to explore at the NYC include the Statue of Liberty monument, the World Trade Centre site, Brooklyn Bridge, Empire State Building, and many more.

There are museums in the city with rare artefacts such as the Museum of Modern Art, Whitney Museum, Brooklyn Museum, the Guggenheim Museum and much more. Each museum is elegantly designed, with exotic exhibits and verdant lawns to make for an exciting trip across the city.

If you have a lot of time on hand, we suggest visiting the well-manicured parks in the city, and bask in the floral delights of each of them. Gardens such as the Central Park, Pelham Bay Park and Fort Tyron Meadow are a delight for travellers.

Located within an hour or two from the Westchester Airport, cities like Philadelphia in Pennsylvania, touted to be the second capital of the US; Boston, an elegant city in Massachusetts; New Jersey, with its vibrant theme and high end locations; Long Island, the perfect weekend getaway for a serene time in peace; and many others.

The Westchester Airport is indeed, flanked with a lot of cities and suburbs that offer variety and a cultural mélange of tourist spots to visitors whether new to the area or a regular.

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