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Santa Fe Airport Car RentalWhat to do when you get to Santa Fe Airport

The Santa Fe Airport is situated in the oldest capital of the USA. At this Mexican airport, you will find regional jet airliners like American Eagle plying the airport daily. The popular route is the Dallas-Fort Worth, and you will find seasonal flights as well. Some of the important facilities at the airport include a restaurant, air charters and car services.

Where to eat at the airport

As you wait for procedures and clearance, enjoy breakfast and lunch at the Santa Fe Airport Grill which is usually open from 6 am to 4pm. it has snack varieties plus hot and cold beverages for your choice.

Learn Spanish for easy communication at Santa Fe airport

Santa Fe has a mixed population of European, Latino, Native American and Asian origins. Communication at the airport is in Spanish with English translations. You could learn a few words and phrases for an easy time.  You will find online dictionaries to help you learn how to check time, weather, flight information and ways to order for food at the airport.

What kind of places could you visit from Santa Fe airport?

The city is a great destination for outdoor people. Thanks to its wonderful weather, it provides an excellent environment for skiing, hiking, sightseeing, cultural activities, and wild expeditions. Check out the Plaza in the downtown area for an amazing time. Here, you will find world class museums or arts, history, and culture.

Some of the architectural attractions you need to look out for include; the New Mexico Capitol, the Cathedral Basilica, Loretto Chapel and the Oldest House in the US.

How can I spend free time in case of flight delays?

Should you experience flight delays, take your time off to enjoy scenic views of Santa Fe. You could grab a bike or take a walk along the equestrian trails. These are convenient for recreational activities and commuting. You will save a lot of time spent in traffic. It is also an opportunity for you to tour the regions covered by the trails. Santa Fe hosts the three National Historic Trails:

  • El Camino de Tierra Adentro.
  • Old Spanish.
  • Santa Fe National Historic Trails.
Comfortable transport from Santa Fe airport

Santa Fe has smooth road network highways connecting to the US. Hire a car from the airport and connect to America using US Routes; 84, 285, and 66. There are quite a number of car hire companies at the airport. If you are travelling via public transport, you can connect to the regional transit with the bus

routes. Shuttle services come in handy when you wish to visit the major government centers in Santa Fe. The weekly commuter coach service operates on a weekly basis.

You could also use a car rental firm for comfortable rides around the city. The modern car rental businesses in the city have special rates for tourists. The rail service has commuter trains operating in Santa Fe counties. To get to the three rail stations of Santa Fe Depot, South Capitol, and Santa Fe County, use a taxi or hire a car from the reliable car rental services in town.

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