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Santa Barbara Car RentalSanta Barbara Airport Guide

Santa Barbara Airport lies eleven kilometers west of Santa Barbara, California in the United States. It is also referred to as Santa Barbara Municipal Airport, and it is a public airport. The airport is next to the city of Goleta and the University of California.

How do I travel from the airport?

There are various travel options to use from Santa Barbara Airport. Some of these can be accessed at the airport, while others such as buses are found outside the airport.

  • Taxis
  • Buses
  • Trains
  • Cars

You are going to choose a transport means according to your tastes and preferences. Trains are also readily available, and are ideal if you would like to go to a far off destination. There are other reliable means like taxis if you would like to have a more private ride from the airport. However, they can be expensive especially if you have a long way to cover or several destinations to tour.

There are buses too, and are the cheapest transport means. The only shortcoming in using buses is that they might delay as you wait for them to get to capacity. These are not available at the airport.

Car rental remains the most viable option of traveling from Santa Barbara Airport. The availability of many cheap car hire service providers at the airport ensures that passengers get affordable services.

Can I get a hotel at the Santa Barbara airport?

Santa Barbara Airport does not host any hotels. However, the city of Santa Barbara has plenty of hotels luxurious to budget hotels. These hotels provide their visitors with parking space so you do not have to mind if you have hired a car. Some of the hotels you can come across include;

  • The Sandman Inn
  • Days Inn
  • Hotel Oceana Santa Barbara
  • Kronborg Inn
  • Quality Inn Buellton
Can I exchange currency at the airport?

It is possible to exchange your currency into US dollars at the airport. There plenty of authorized exchange bureaus at the airport. There are ATM facilities too. English is the language used at the airport.

What can I see in the city?

Santa Barbara is one city where you will always find something to do, whatever your passion is. It is a city that combines a rich city culture with many other backwoods outdoor adventures. There are plenty of things to do like visiting;

Santa Barbara Zoo

It is the smallest zoo in the town, and one of the best. If you are traveling with your family, this is a great destination for family tour. It resembles a park, and has a lot of open ground as well as picnic sites. Here, you can get to see various animals. Regardless of the size of this zoo, it acts as home of over 600 animals.

The Botanic Gardens

They are a bit far from the city, and it is advisable that you rent a car and visit them. They are definitively worth your time. The Gardens staff organizes plenty of event hence tourists who have a passion for botany always learn a new thing from their visits.

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