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Rockland Airport Car Rental | Car Hire in Rockland Airport

Rockland Airport Car RentalKnox County Regional Airport: Rockland Airport

Knox County Regional Airport, that is the name that Rockland Airport goes by; this airport is three miles from the Central Business District of the city of Rockland, Knox County, Maine, USA. It has two run ways and serves the residents of this county with commercial and charter flights. The airport also serves as a major hub for freight and mail services to Maine’s island communities.  

What facilities are found at the airport?

The airport has a number of facilities just like any other airport some of which include;

  • Restaurants and bars
  • ATM machines
  • Customer care information desk
Rockland Airport car rental

When you arrive at this airport, the last thing that you want to do is begin haggling for some means by which you can use to travel from the airport. You could get in touch with one of the numerous car rental agencies here and secure a car. Leading car hire firms that have agencies within this airport include the Budget brand, and Honk. Booking is done online, whilst the service charge for all these car hire brands will typically be inclusive of taxes, the cost of insurance, and a fuel charge.  The rates by these car hire firms are cross listed meaning that you can compare the rate that is best suited for your needs and decide on the best to settle for.    

Hotels near Rockland Airport

Whether you are passing through this region or you intend to spend some time here, there is one or two hotels that you can put up in, some of these are listed below:

  • The Hampton’s Inn Suites- This is a hotel that is located some three miles from the airport. Booking is done online;
  • Samoset Resort: This is a hotel that is some four miles from the airport. It boasts of some 156 rooms, with twenty two suites. It has conference facilities, and booking is done online;
  • Strawberry Hill Seaside Inn: This establishment is located six miles from the airport. This establishment has an ocean front property, and booking is done online; these are just some of the hotels that are within a short distance from Rockland Airport. There are a number of other hotels within the business district of Rockland, but these are quite a distance from the airport. A savvy traveler however does well to check out the offers that these hotels might offer.
Attractions in Rockland

Whilst in Rockland, there are a number of attractions that you could pay a visit; some of these include;

  • Maine Lighthouse Museum:  This museum highlights the history and bravery of the US Coast Guard, and is a must visit place for one who likes sea life;
  • Owl’s Head Transportation Museum: This is a museum that holds a rare collection of over one hundred aircraft and automobiles; some of these could trace their history to the nineteenth century.
  • Farnsworth Art Museum;
  • The Strand Theater: This is the place to be for those individuals who are big on the performing arts.  Located on 345 Maine Street, a visitor need only log onto the website of this museum and get appraised on what is trending. These are but some of the attractions that you can tap into when you are in Maine.

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