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Rochester Airport Minnesota Car Rental | Car Hire in Rochester Airport Minnesota

Rochester Airport Minnesota Car RentalRochester Airport Car Rental

Rochester is located in Monroe County in the state of New York which is south of Lake Ontario. It is said that big-city culture and small-city charm are combined in this city which lies on the shores of Lake Ontario. It is also known as Kodak Town since a long time. It shot to fame as the site of many flour mills located on the Genesee River. Tourists who come to this city use car rental to get around in ease and see the sights which it has to offer.  The car rental outlets can be found at the airport which is close to the city and where many flights arrive each day from all over the country.

Rochester is presently an international centre of higher education, as well as medical and technological development. It has got several reputed universities especially the University of Rochester and the Rochester Institute of Technology. It presently houses famous corporations such as Kodak, Bausch and Lomb and Xerox. These carry out wide-ranging research and manufacturing in the areas of industrial and consumer products.

This city has seen a lot of social reformers and innovators in its time. It lies in the snow belt of the United States with snowfalls which were once legendary. It also has got a short but beautiful spring. Visitors can go to the Centre City Visitor Information Centre, the Visitor Information Booth, and Tourist Information Centre for information on the whole city. Car hire is a must for those who want to see as much as possible during their time in the city.

The Genesee River gorge and its three waterfalls are very popular with visitors. The nature lovers can go to the beautiful parks, the most scenic being the Highland Park. Genesee Valley Park is also a popular park with more recreational facilities. There are several cultural attractions in this city. The most well-known are the Strong National Museum of Play, the Susan B. Anthony Museum and House, and George Eastman House. The Lamberton Conservatory has got a number of exotic plants and is open throughout the year.

There are several museums and galleries which are a hit amongst tourists such as Artison Works, the Charlotte-Genesee Lighthouse, the Frederick Douglass Resource Centre, the High Falls Visitor Centre, the Rochester and Genesee Valley Railroad Museum, the Rochester Museum and Science Centre and Stone-Tolan House Museum. Seneca Park Zoo is a small but is a lot of animals in a small area. Car rental is a great way to get around and it can be arranged easily so the vehicle is waiting when you arrive at the airport.

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