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Roanoke Airport Car Rental | Car Hire in Roanoke Airport

Roanoke Airport Car RentalRoanoke Virginia airport car rental

According to popular folklore, Roanoke is Virginia’s Lovers Point with its delightful promenades, lush verdant landscapes in the backdrop, fabulous landmarks, and the lively nightlife. There are plenty of attractions in the city that could make your heart sing.  The local airport sees many flights each week to and from cities such as Detroit, Chicago and Atlanta and there are plenty of facilities there for travellers.   

The suburbs of this quaint town are sprinkled with various places of interest at short intervals. Though you can arrange car rental to get around, it is worth following some of the walking tours that are available.

The Taubman Museum of Art definitely has to be your first stop. This museum has relics dating from the colonial era to the miniature paintings by the American tribes who resided here. The elegant building has a park ideal for picnics and luncheons.

Further on you approach the popular Grandin Theatre which is famous for its cartoon shows and sound and light displays during the evening. Town Square is home to the City Flea Market and the Centre in the Square Museum with various spectacular exhibits on display. Here, you’ll find great shopping complexes to indulge in your shopaholic desires and cafes specialising in authentic culinary fare from around the world.

The Mini Graceland, built especially for Elvis Presley fans is nowhere close to its Memphis counterpart, but nevertheless, offers you an insight into the private life and personal collections of the great pop star. The Virginia Museum of Transportation which is close by is a wonderful retreat for automobile lovers and bike aficionados. A guided tour around the museum with engines and other spare parts of vintage limousines and Chevrolets on display is a great way to pass a few hours.

The countryside at Roanoke is a vibrant, colourful, and pulsating place to be. With lush green meadows, attractive species of flora and fauna abounding the mountains, and trails aiming to take you deep into the woods and orchards on the hills, you can seldom find a more rejuvenating place than the Roanoke surroundings.

The Appalachian Trail, spreading across 14 states in the US, runs through the pastoral surroundings of Roanoke and has wonderful scenic locales and vantage points for you to trek, mountain climb, hike and indulge in your backpacking ventures. You could even take a caravan and camp on the beautiful slopes of the mountains.  Roanoke car rental is a great way to get around and it is not only cost effective but it is also the most comfortable way to travel.

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