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This is a county airport in Muskegon County in Michigan, USA. It is only 7km away from the CBD of Muskegon. It handles domestic flights most of the time and international flights severally. This airport is very convenient if your destination is within the state.


The airport sits on a 1’200acres piece of land that is around 600 feet above sea level. Its runways are paved with asphalt. From mid year 2010 to mid 2011, the airport had approximately 36’000 operations.  There are at least 81 craft bases with over a half for single-engines, just over a quarter for multi-engine crafts and the rest for jets, helicopters and military crafts. The airport has an average of 100 operations per day. Almost all operations go to general aviation and about 9% go to air taxi, military and schedule commercial. The fixed-based operator provides fuel.

Customer Service

The best thing about this airport is that the local prices are often lowered so that they are affordable for everybody who would want to fly to a certain destination. Even when they do not change, they are still amazingly affordable. Not to mention modernization. They also put security as priority hence has put in place advanced technology such that the screening process is fast. The offer service they offer is parking that is affordable to all. It is found just outside the terminal. The employees here are very friendly and they provide proper guidance in case you need it. There are also restaurants inside the airport where you can get a snack or even sample some of their delicious meals.


Due to the proximity of the Airport from the CBD, accommodation is really nothing to worry about since they are readily available in the city. There are plenty of affordable hotels and inns in the city. The airport has hotel booking desks where you can go and book for your room and then you can take a means of transport to the hotel. The hotels range from extremely luxurious stays to affordable family stays. Most of the hotels offer breakfast as part of the package if you have an early flight.

Transport to and from the airport

There are two recognized shuttle services in the airport that operate from the airport to Chicago and have reasonable prices. You could also opt to go for car hire services that are very convenient. There are six major international reliable car rental companies with offices at the airports terminals. At the airport, you could also have access to taxi services to take you to your destination. However, car hire is by far the most convenient way to get around the region. This is because you have the liberty to schedule your activities without considering a third party which would be the case with the other modes of transport. If you are on a budget, you need not worry because you can find cheap car services that fit within your budget. With car hire, you can tour the region freely or if you are on a business trip; you can go about your activities stress free.

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