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Laredo Airport Car Rental | Car Hire in Laredo Airport

Laredo Airport Car RentalA Guide to Laredo Airport

As the name suggests, this airport is found in the Texas border city of Laredo. It is along the interstate highway number 35 and can also be accessed from the highways 359, 59 and 83. The signs are in both English and Spanish as the city borders Mexico.

Airports facilities

This airport is large with three runways. Two concert runways and one made of asphalt. The air port has at least 120 operations on a normal day ranging from general aviation to military work to taxis and so many others. There are at least 41 aircraft based at the airport. These include single and multi-engine aircrafts, jets and helicopters. It is home to very strong aircraft and a variety of customer services such as shops.

Customer services

The most interesting thing about this airport according to many is that the parking is absolutely free. After you have already entered the airport, you will notice the numerous and pleasant check-in services. You could check-in online if you find that more convenient. They have rules and regulations administrated by the airports staff. The regulations must always be adhered to. If you loose your luggage in the airport, all you will need to do is talk to an employ of the airport and they will direct you to the proper channels without much hustle. Not forgetting the numerous shops and cafes that offer superior quality services to the passengers. You can also exchange the currency from the bank branches in the airport or even the de change services available so that you can easily pay for services such as taxis. Most importantly, the employees are helpful and friendly and so you can even make friends while there.


There are hotels as close as 6 miles away from the airport. The service in the hotels and inns is good and the rooms are clean. You will find high class hotels as well as budget hotels. Most offer breakfast and the transport as well and for those that don’t, they often make arrangements.

Travelling from the airport

There are comfortable buses that get passengers to various destinations around the region and you can always board one to your destination. There also limos and taxis available and it all depend on your taste and preference. However, before taking any form of transport, you need to ask about the charges to avoid misunderstanding thereafter. The city is quite a distance from the airport and so you will need a comfortable mode of transport to get you there such as car hire. It will be very expensive to take a taxi or a limo as compared to using a car rentals services.

Renting a car even if you have not been to Laredo before can be relatively easy. You can easily have access to the car hire services at the airport at the respective desks which are shown by  signs. You just have to follow the signs and you will get a car hire agency. You will also find that renting a car in the long run can be much cheaper than getting around in taxis. Taxis are charged per minute which can be ridiculously expensive. The best option remains car rental; you could also get cheap car hire services at the airport by comparing the rates of different agencies to suit your budget. Therefore, when you land at the airport, consider using car hire services for convenience purposes.

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