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Kalamazoo Airport Car Rental | Car Hire in Kalamazoo Airport

Kalamazoo Airport Car RentalThe Kalamazoo/ Battle Creek International Airport

Located in Battle Creek, Kalamazoo International   Airport is a public airport that is located in Kalamazoo County, Michigan, USA. The airport has one passenger terminal and five gates. It is the base of two major airlines. The airport that serves the wider Kalamazoo Michigan area hosts some three hundred thousand individuals who pass through its gates annually.

Facilities at the Kalamazoo International Airport

The greater amount of traffic that shuttles through the Kalamazoo International Airport deals with general  aviation – according to statistics by the Federal Aviation Authority up wards of eighty per cent; scheduled commercial flights account for some two percent of all total flights that pass through the airport. The remaining percentage(s) are shared out between air taxis, and military flights.

 Amenities and services at the airport

The terminal of the Kalamazoo International Airport has the following amenities:

  • The Flight Deck Cafe;
  • The Old fisherman’s pub;
  • A visitor Information booth;
  • Free Wi-fi Access;
  • An ATM vending machine.
Parking services at the airport

With regard to parking, only the passengers and luggage that is being loaded are allowed to park within the terminal. Long term and short term parking spaces are located near the terminal. For those who park their vehicles for a short while, the first thirty minutes is normally free.  Rental car counters are located within the arrival section of the terminal.

Transport at the airport 

There are three basic means by which you can move from Kalamazoo International Airport to your destination, these are as follows: By bus, by taxi, and by hiring a car. Public travel is facilitated by the Metro Transit Bus service that stops at designated areas within the airport and runs a bus through the airport by the hour.  There is a Limo Service that is offered by a company that goes under the name Leisure Limo. The most convenient means of travel however is via a personal vehicle that you can get from a car rental facility within the airport. The service charge levied by the car rental firms in this environment will typically cover the cost of insurance, as well as fuel. It is also inclusive of tax. Prior to getting a vehicle from the car hire facility, you will need to produce an international driving license; booking can be done online, and you can wrench a bargain of sorts from a cheap car hire firm.

Where can I stay and what can I do?

There are a number of hotels within this domicile, some of which offer clients free shuttle services from the airport.  To know the hotels that operate within this area, check out the local business directory. If you are shuttling through the airport, but have some time to spare you could visit the Air Zoo that is located in one of the old hangars of the airport. This museum has every conceivable piece of airline history and both the young and the old will leave this locale feeling refreshed. Similarly there is an abundance of golf courses within this area, a museum, and an Institute of Arts that you can visit to while away your time.

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