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Juneau Airport Car Rental | Car Hire in Juneau Airport

Juneau Airport Car RentalJuneau airport car rental

Juneau International Airport is a Tier One commercial service airport that caters primarily to seaplanes and Alaska Airlines, with flights to Seattle, Petersburg and other places in the US and Canada. The airport serves the cosmopolitan suburbs of Juneau and is located around 8 miles away from the city, easily connected by Metro, shuttle and car rental services. Stylish and comfortable with efficient walks, Juneau International Airport is one of the best maintained airline hubs in the country.

Between connecting flights, or those who intend to visit Alaska can start their exploration of this charming boutique state, with the town of Juneau. Flanked by plentiful mountains, verdant pastures and lakes, the countryside at Juneau is a visual treat. Head downtown and you can savour the various cultural and commercial landmarks Juneau has to offer you.

The Last Chance Mining arena carefully preserves the first place where gold was discovered in Juneau, at Gold Creek forest reserve. On a guided tour with the concierge at the Museum, you can get an insight into mining as it was carried out in the past. There are traditional equipments for you to survey, mineral holes deep down the earth and much more to be savoured at the Mining Park. A note of caution, this place is not ideal for claustrophobics.  Car hire makes it so much easier to reach this spot, which is a little way out of town.

Started in 1986 as a tiny brewing parlour in the vicinity of Juneau, the Alaskan Brewing Company has now become a brewing giant in the area. There is no pleasure greater than sipping on an exotic, freshly prepared wine from the brewery in the beautiful surroundings of Alaska. There is a guided tour around the museum that depicts the transition of the brewery from a miniscule company to a fully fledged wine house.

You have to take a helicopter flight to enjoy the scenic locales of the Mendel Hall Glacier from the town square. The glowing bluish white glacier, the Glacier Trails and trekking options across the countryside are the most popular attractions in Juneau. You can also indulge in salmon fishing in the Steep Creek, hike, see the black bears in the forests around Mendel Hall and take the Loop Trail for the waterfalls.

Designed to lure tourists from the commercial suburbs of Juneau, the Mount Roberts Tramway is a 6 minute ride to the summit of Mount Roberts, from where you get serenading views of the countryside.  Car rental in Juneau is the most comfortable option for those who want to travel in style.

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