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Flagstaff Airport Car Rental | Car Hire in Flagstaff Airport

Flagstaff Airport Car RentalFlagstaff Airport

Flagstaff Airport serves the city of Flagstaff which is located in the western US state of Arizona, and has a population of over 60 000.The city is located near the south-western edge of the Colorado Plateau, which is largely made up of deserts and scattered with areas of forests. It is situated adjacent to Mount Elden which is the highest mountain range in the state of Arizona and is a prominent feature from almost any part of the city, as it rises up to over 2800 metres above sea level. 

The city of Flagstaff has earned its reputation as an outdoor enthusiast’s ideal destination, with its varying terrain and the high elevation, the area does attract thousands of visitors every year. Car hire, which can be easily arranged online and collected at the airport, is one of the best ways for nature lovers to get around the city which is full of natural beauty spots which, along with amenable weather, has been known to attract campers, backpackers, climbers, elite runners as well as mountain bikers from all over south-western United States.

 There are also many parks which are perfect for family picnics and enjoying the outdoors. The city is home to over 600 acres of parkland, the largest parks of which are Thorpe Park and Buffalo Park. Wheeler Park which is situated adjacent to the City Hall in the city is the host of the area’s summer concerts and other outdoor events throughout the year.

There is also an extensive network of both paved and unpaved trails that are maintained by the city and can be used for running, cycling and hiking. The network of trails extends through the city and they are used for recreation and exercise as well as transportation.

The city of Flagstaff enjoys a rather dry continental climate and four distinctive seasons every year. In the summer months the daily average temperatures can rise up to around 27°C and can drop to lows of 18°C. During the winter months the average daily temperatures can range from highs of 6°C and lows of -8°C. The city also receives an annual downfall of over 250cm of snow.

Flagstaff is quite the cultural hub and is home to the Flagstaff Symphony Orchestra, which performs concerts from September through to April at Ardery Auditorium on the NAU campus. The city also hosts many annual music festivals that attract folk and contemporary acoustic musicians, such as the Flagstaff Friends of Traditional Music Festival, the Flagstaff Music Festival as well as ‘Pickin’ in the Pines’, which is a three-day acoustic music festival which takes place at the Pine Mountain Amphitheatre at Fort Tuthill Fairgrounds.

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