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Fairbanks Airport Car Rental | Car Hire in Fairbanks Airport

Fairbanks Airport Car RentalFairbanks Airport

Fairbanks Airport is situated roughly three miles away from the commercial suburbs of Fairbank in Northern Alaska. A well connected air base to various places in the US, the Fairbanks Airport has daily serviced flights and is a busy air terminal in the vicinity. Although there are plenty of cafes, restaurants, lounge areas, shops and boutique plazas in the airport, it is highly recommended that you visit Fairbanks if you only have a short time between flights at the air terminal. Car rental can be arranged easily at the airport and there is a range of vehicles to suit all budgets.

A little distance away from downtown Fairbank, you have the Alaska Aviation Heritage Museum, with a huge display of exotic planes and vintage aircrafts, miniature flight simulation games, and many more attractions to savour. The auditorium with various videos of flights and their inner parts, theatres with different aviation movies on display, and a huge verdant lawn flanked with restaurants on all sides are prime reasons why you must visit the place, especially if you’re with kids and family.

A former dairy industry towards the Northern part of the suburb, Creamer’s Field is now the stopping jaunt for myriad bird species, especially the Canada geese, hornbills and ducks during their migration periods. There are huge trails and trekking points in this enormous farmland and you get to see semblances of the old farmhouse and the poultry farm coops at the field.

There is nothing special about the Pipeline except that it runs throughout the expanse of Alaska and into Fairbanks as well. This huge pipe is an oil transportation channel and an engineering marvel. Many tourists visit the pipe for the extensive views and to get themselves photographed with the huge pipe. You can also climb the Observatory along the pipe and get fascinating views from the top.

The El Dorado Gold Mine tour is one of the best tours you can undertake while in Fairbanks, second to only the River Boat Tour. You get into a train that takes you across the countryside into the various gold mines scattered all over the terrain, in a permafrost ride. There are stops along the way at various archaic mines, where the tour guides explain how mining was undertaken during the yore, and the changes included in mining today.

A verdant landscaped marvel in the midst of the city, the Pioneers Park always has a host of events organized in its campus. There are dog races, flower exhibitions and many other cultural competitions that go on in the park. Nevertheless, this park is a popular leisure spot at Fairbanks and has a lot of restaurants and jogging tracks for the visitor to indulge in leisurely strolls.

Winters in Fairbank are particularly beautiful with the Aurora Borealis visible and the Ice Park Races going on at the Glacier. All in all, Fairbank is a great tourist attraction worth a visit.

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