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Colorado Springs Airport Car Rental | Car Hire in Colorado Springs Airport

Colorado Springs Airport Car RentalColorado Springs car rental

Colorado Springs is a picturesque town in the state of Colorado, with abundant natural reserves and a wealth of flora and fauna dotting its countryside. Downtown Colorado is as mystic as the pastoral surroundings that flank it with cobblestone alleys, old-fashioned cottages and promenades effortlessly weaved into the intricate maze of the cosmopolitan suburbs. A holiday to this charming boutique town will leave you energised and rejuvenated in the true sense.  Car hire outlets can be found at the small airport, where regular flights to cities such as Chicago and Dallas can be taken.

To combat the fierce winds that blow in excess of 100 miles per hour, the McAllister House was built in tripled baked brick during the early 18th century and stands tall even today. The Gothic structure symbolises hints of ancient American architectural aspects as well. The exteriors are marvellous and the internal decoration designs are truly spectacular. The plush gardens around the charming palatial mansion are sure to set your spirits high.

The Broad Moor is a lavishly themed hotel in the centre of Colorado Springs. This hotel has a clientele ranging from Aerosmith and Hugh Heffner to the Shah of Iran, who come to sample the mind boggling gourmet cuisine offered at the fine dining restaurant of the hotel. The exteriors of the Broad Moor symbolise the exquisite Italian architectural prowess.

In the vicinity of Colorado Springs, the Garden of the Gods is a great place to begin your trekking and trailing activities. The various sandstone formations at the Garden are a result of the explicit weathering and erosion due to the rivers, streams and the wind. As you scale the mountain peaks, the air becomes thinner and you’ll need oxygen support to keep going. Nevertheless, the views of the countryside from certain top points are exhilarating.

Pikes Peak is the most popular vantage point in the Colorado Springs mountain countryside from where you get various spectacular views of the skyline and the countryside. If you’ve got a pair of solid boots and stamina, you can hike across the mountains to the peak, stopping at the Summit House for a quick snack. Or you could drive down via the Pikes Peak highway, a wonderful roadway with scenic views along – a great idea if you have opted for car rental.

An old historical monument in downtown Colorado Springs, the Pioneers Museum is a welcome respite from the winds outside. You can see the historical Court Room that is perfectly stimulated in a miniature version. The museum features various exotic display exhibits too, to lure the visitor.

Colorado Springs is a place blessed with as many as 12 serene springs providing medicinal water and herbal extracts in their aqua supply across the city. The Manitou Springs at Colorado are a great delight where you get a cup and taste the wholesome water for free. The springs are also used to power an extensive fountain.  Car rental makes it so much easier to reach attractions such as these.

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