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Brownsville S. Padre Airport Car Rental | Car Hire in Brownsville S. Padre Airport

Brownsville S. padre airport guide

Brownsville s. padre airport also referred to as Brownsville south Padre Island international airport is a public airport that is city-owned and is located at least seven kilometers to the east of Brownsville central business district. Brownsville is a city located in Cameron County in Texas, USA. The Brownsville s. padre airport is served by 4 commercial airlines, 6 air taxis, plus it offers 3 FBOs to serve general aviation.

If you are looking for a convenient route to fly into reo Grande valley as well as Northern Mexico, then you should use the Brownsville s. padre airport. You can access most Rio Grande valley cities from the Brownsville airport by car hire within an hour at most. The Brownsville s. padre airport is also the closes airport to the south padre airport.

Transportation options from the Brownville s. padre airport

The most common modes of transportation from Brownsville S. padre airport is by car rental or taxi service. There are several car hire companies situated at the airport. This makes it easy for you to rent a car upon arrival. It is also possible to rent a car over the internet, by early booking, you are assured to get the best car rental to suit your preference. You also get to compare the various car hire rates from the airport to settle for cheap car hire rates.

There are several taxis located just outside the arrival area at the Brownsville s. padre airport. These taxis offer transportation to various parts of Brownsville. The problem with these taxis is the fact that they can end up being expensive in the long run, especially if you are on a budget; the best choice is car hire. 

Hotels near Brownsville s. padre airport

I9f you have an early morning flight or your plane happens to land very late, you can always spend the night at one of the hotels close to the Brownsville s. padre airport. Some of the hotels you can spend the night at include:

  • American best value inn

This hotel is located in proximity to the airport. It is actually an ideal stay at place for the whole time you are in Brownsville. It is close to some of Brownsville’s attractions like the Gladys porter zoo.

  •  The Cameron motor hotel

This hotel is located just a few kilometers from the airport and is situated in historic Brownsville. It is cheap and offers the best opportunity to live in downtown Brownsville.

  • The boca chica inn and suits

This hotel is situated just 2 miles from the airport and offers the perfect amenities to cater for all type of visits, be it business or pleasure.

Other hotels include Days inn, value place, holiday inn hotel and suits and Hampton’s inn and suits among others. 

Facilities at the Brownsville s. Padre Airport

Some of the facilities present at Brownsville s. padre airport include:

  • Restrooms,
  • Restaurants.
  • Pilot’s lounge.
  • Passenger terminals.
  • Car hire facilities.
  • Long term and short term parking facilities.

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