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Asheville Airport Car Rental | Car Hire in Asheville Airport

Asheville airport car hire guide

Asheville airport, also referred to as Ashville regional airport is located close to interstates 40 and 26 near Fletcher town. The town of Fletcher is located only 14kms from Ashville city in North Carolina, USA. The Ashville airport is owned by Ashville city and can handle more that 700,000 passengers annually.

Hotels at Asheville airport

While there is no hotel inside Ashville airport, there are several of them located just close to the airport. It is ideal to stay in these hotels near the airport to avoid traffic when heading to board a flight and to ensure you are at the airport in time. The hotels that are closes to the airport are located in Arden and Fletcher. You can stay at:

  • Fairfield inn.
  • Econo lodge.
  • Asheville’s Days inn.
  • Ashville airport comfort inn.
  • Ashville airport clarion inn.

Asheville airport car hire guide

There are many benefits to enjoy when you rent a car from the Ashville airport.

  • When you rent a car from the airport, you will have the chance to explore some of the most beautiful sceneries offered by North Carolina.
  • You will get to drive to see the biggest private house in America, the Baltimore house.
  • You stand the chance of getting cheap car hire rates from the car rental agencies at the airport.
  • You can select from a wide array of car models offered by the car hire agencies at the airport.
  • You enjoy Ashville airport car pick up and drop off options. This way, you will not have to look for an alternative transport means to the airport when leaving North Carolina; you will simply drive your car rental to the airport and leave it t the parking lot.
  • You will get all international car hire car hire names presented at the Ashville airport.
  • When you rent a car from the airport, you are guaranteed to get a well serviced and maintained car rental.
  • With a car rental from the Ashville airport, you will not have to wait for the buses or negotiate taxi fares with taxi drivers. More so, you enjoy privacy and mobility to your destination as opposed to the public transport means available.
  • Some of the car hire services at Ashville airport offer hand controlled cars for disabled persons.
  • You can get a car rental will a car navigation system upon request from the car hire agencies at the Ashville airport.

It is possible to make advance booking for a car rental over the internet. This gives you the perfect chance to sift through the various car hire agencies at Ashville airport to get the best rates for the best cars. Whether you are in North Carolina for business reasons or on holiday, you can be assured that there is a car rental for your needs.

What to expect upon arrival and departure at Asheville airport

When you arrive, you will be led to the arrival hall where you will go through baggage claim and other custom checks after which you are free to leave the airport. Upon departure, you are expected to be at the airport at least an hour before flight schedule. You will go through custom check-in as you await your flight.

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