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Learn Something New About Appleton Airport

Outagamie County Regional Airport is a commercial airport in Wisconsin. It is a county owned public airport in the county of Outagamie in the U.S. It lies just a short distance from the city of Appleton in a town known as Greenville, Wisconsin. It has two runways and covers 663 hectares.

Does the airport have hotels?

You will not find hotels at the airport, but there are so many of them near the airport. Whatever your tastes are, be certain that you are going to get a hotel to perfectly suit your needs. They all charge differently to suit different individual budgets. They go at different prices for the sake of all types of tourists. Some of the top hotels near the airport include;

  • Residence Inn
  • Candlewood Suits Appleton
  • Holiday Inn Select Appleton
  • Fairfield Inn Appleton
  • Microtel Inn and Suites Appleton

What about ground transport?

There are Airport shuttles, hotel shuttles, taxis and private cars you can use from the airport. Taxis provide a reliable transport means since they take you to your desired destination. Hotel shuttles are limited to the specific hotel you have booked. Private cars are reliable and luxurious, but expensive since you hire a car and also a personal driver to drive you around.

Tourists should preferably rent a car. This is because it allows them to tour the region comprehensively, and at their own convenience. Additionally, the availability of many cheap car hire companies has made car rental very affordable.

Can I access ATMs at the airport?

There are enough ATMs at the airport for both residents and foreigners. The airport also boasts of plenty of currency exchange outlets in case you would like to exchange some currency. A foreigner needs to exchange their currency and get some U.S dollars, if they are to pay for services like car rental, taxis, among many others.

Is the airport accessible to people with physical disabilities?

Outagamie Regional Airport can be accessed by anyone who is physically handicapped. It provides a variety of services along with resources to aid such passengers. The airport has a website where you can look for information in regard to this. Additionally, they always respond to queries regarding assisting handicapped travelers. The airport provides;

  • Wheelchairs
  • Family services rest rooms
  • Relative/ Friend assistance to the airport’s gate or into the plane- To escort them, you need to have a gate pass obtainable at the airport’s ticket counter.

What can I explore in Appleton as a tourist?

Appleton is one destination with plenty of attractions a tourist can see. Whether you love history, art, science or nature, there will be something waiting for you in the city. Appleton Art Center for instance hosts plenty of exhibitions, information resources along with education programs to teach, promote and nourish visual arts. It is advisable that you rent a car so that you can visit as many destinations as possible.

Gordon Bubolz Nature Preserve is outstanding rustic woodland where you can jog or spot wildlife. The Gardens of the Fox Cities appreciate gardens and plants. There are always Weekly Summer Gardening camps held here for both adults and children. Other attractions include;

  • Mosquito hill Nature Center
  • The history museum
  • Heckrodt Wetland Reserve
  • Hearthstone Historic House
  • Weis Earth Science Museum among many others.

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