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Allentown Lehigh Valley Airport Car Rental | Car Hire in Allentown Lehigh Valley Airport

Allentown Lehigh Valley Airport Connections

Allentown Lehigh Valley Airport is located in Hanover Township 5 km northeast of Allentown. It has a serene environment with comfort lounges to while away your time in case you’re delayed for some reason. You can also find convenient car hire services as well as competent tour companies. The Allentown Lehigh Valley airport links the city to Newark, Detroit, Philadelphia, Washington IAD, and Atlanta among other destinations. It hosts regional airlines like Delta, United, US Airways and Frontier.

Quality airport facility

Allentown Lehigh Valley Airport is a world class airport with excellent amenities including a parking lot and a family friendly waiting bay.  Among the unique services at the port is long-term parking for your stay in the town. You will also find a cell phone waiting bay and an aerial view of the clean parking lots. From the tour agencies available at the airport, you can get significant information about Lehigh Valley attraction. Find the best accommodation, car rental transport and tour ideas from the airport.

Can you find interesting places to visit in Leigh Valley?

Lehigh Valley is the third most populous in Pennsylvania. With a population of close to one million, the metropolitan city has a lot to offer. Its Lehigh River and the great Appalachian Valley provide amazing landscapes for the region.  You will find a variety of archeological treasures in the Appalachian Mountains namely; the Blue Mountain and the South Mountain. Allentown is the largest city within the Lehigh Valley. Its neighboring towns include; Bethlehem, Easton, Emmaus and Hanover Township.

This is an amazing place to visit all year round. You will find great weather with humid summers, cold winters and short, mild spring times and falls.

What about Allentown Lehigh Valley business tours?

The Lehigh Valley has a low cost of living and is a major distribution hub in the US regional markets. If you are a business traveler, the second largest steel manufacturing plant at Bethlehem could be of interest to you. To get to this site, you can use the quality corporate car rental services from Allentown Lehigh Valley Airport to Bethlehem.

You could also visit Pennsylvania’s largest hospital; The Lehigh Valley Hospital and Health Network. The health center stands out as the largest employer in Lehigh Valley.

  • Large markets

Allentown Lehigh Valley Airport is a link to the largest markets of the region. From its location, you can easily get to Philadelphia and New York. Within one day you can drive across to the US and Canada. Most business travelers choose convenient car hire operators for their business travel. You will find affordable travel among the available car hire companies in Allentown Lehigh Valley.

  • Multinationals

Allentown Lehigh Valley city is a base for large national and international corporations. It has some of the largest distribution centers and warehouses on the east coast. Among them is the Coca cola, Amazon, BMW and ShopRite distribution centers among others. Allentown Lehigh Valley also hosts United States’ largest cigar retailers and distributors. You will also find large shopping malls and regional fast food chains in the city.

What makes the Lehigh Valley region a favorable location for business? Well, the investor incentives, established businesses, low tax, proximity to major markets, and the business friendly environment are key factors.

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