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London Stansted Airport Car RentalA city with a history dating back more than 2000 years, one of the financial, political, industrial, and technological superpowers of the world, London is the proverbial ‘city of opportunities’. London is much more than Big Ben and Buckingham Palace, in fact there are more attractions there than visitors can possibly manage in one holiday. Nevertheless, with our car hire services, you could visit most of the popular destinations and enjoy the flavour of this beautiful cultural melting pot.

Located in Greenwich, along King William Walk, the Cutty Sark is a famous 18th century ship. Known to be the fastest of its kind at the time, the Cutty Sark was used by the nobility in London for more than a dozen trading voyages to countries as far as Eastern Asia, to bring back priceless commodities such as tea, rubber, gold and the like. Today, it occupies pride of place in the King William’s Walk in London. Car hire services in London can help you to get to this and many other attractions.

Situated opposite the British National Museum, the Cartoon Museum is a one of a kind museum in London. With several floors dedicated to caricature displays, cartoon characters, Disneyland-style miniature theme parks and other exhibits, the museum is an ideal family entertainment centre. There is a separate section reserved for the works of the famous British cartoonist William Hogarth and others. On another floor, there is memorabilia of timeless comic characters. There are many more museums to be savoured in London and with our car hire services; you can hope to do that in style.

Designed by the famous Adams’ Brothers in the erstwhile era, The Adam House is now partially dilapidated; however, what remains is a treat for the eye – picturesque buildings, artistic exteriors and a cobbled pathways leading up to the most majestic avenues in the city. Once heralded as the prime residence in the city, glimpses into the lavish furnishing and exterior décor provide valuable insight of what it must have been like to live in such a pleasing residential area.

London’s Green Park is known to be a park favoured hugely by the Royal Family and you would be surprised at its simple charm. There are no fountains, no charming rococo entrances and no splendid statues. There is only acres and acres of plush lawns with benches here and there. This park is an ideal strolling ground and great for a picnic with the family.  Use London car rental services to get here and enjoy some quality time together.

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