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Piarco Airport Car RentalTrinidad and Tobago, prime neighbouring islands in the Caribbean, depend on tourism for the major part of their economy. Thanks to the vast and beautiful coastline, the splendid countryside and some of the best suburban party joints in the world, these islands are always at the top of premier holiday destinations. With our car rentals providing you with a superb getaway into these islands and showing you some of their fabulous sites, you are sure to enjoy the most marvellous holiday experience of your life.

Featuring a splendid natural park covering almost 200 acres of land and housing exotic species of birds, animals and plants, the Asa Wright Nature Centre is a wonderful place to visit in the islands. Reach this location and other tourist destinations with ease using Piarco car rental services.

With Le Brea towards its northern border and the Caribbean towards its West, the Pitch Lake was an ancient muddy volcano that engulfed land and transformed into the Lake as its lava cooled down. The Lake is very deep at the centre and you can swim or walk along its sides, while ferry rides operate in it, showing you the ecosystem with its natural fauna and flora. The Pitch Lake is an intensive asphalt and bitumen mining area today.

Featuring architecture by special workers from the Indian subcontinent, the Dattetreya Yoga Centre temple caters to some of the world’s top celebrities who want relaxing treatments and yoga therapies. You can tour the temples (though you’re supposed to leave footwear behind) and watch the murtis (idols) and learn more about Hindu culture.

Now a boys’ school in the area, the Queen Park Savannah contains playgrounds for cricket, golf and various other sports, promenades and arcades and restaurants. The St. Clare Avenue, the Queen’s Memorial and the Gingerbread House are important attractions in the Savannah. Car rental services in Trinidad and Tobago will help you discover many of the island’s most popular attractions.

Speyside, a tiny fishing town in the islands, is a wonderful coral reef viewing centre and allows you to fish along its lagoons and shallow waters of the Caribbean.  This area is perfect for those who want to be away from the busy towns and see more of the traditional side of island life.

Trinidad and Tobago Islands have many more places of interest and can be toured around with our car hire services at a very reasonable price and in complete comfort.

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