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Province of China Exploration

The Republic of China has two administrative divisions officially referred to as ‘provinces’. Taiwan is one of these divisions, and it boasts 40% of the total population of ROC. It also covers about 73% of the republic’s territory. It covers majority of Taiwan Island, and also a higher count of the surrounding islands.

How do I tour the island?
By Public Transport

Any tourist will not experience any trouble touring Taiwan province. This is because there are many forms of public transport to ferry visitors from one destination to the other. Buses, trains, taxis and cars are available in plenty. If you would like to tour native Taiwan, it is advisable that you hire a taxi or rent a car. However, considering that taxis are likely to be expensive to ferry you from one tourist destination to the other, car rental remains the best option.

By Car Rental

The island boasts of a wide array of cheap car hire companies that provide tourists with cheap car hire services. Buses are cheap, but they use the main roads. If you want to tour the province at your own pace, and without inconveniences, simply rent a car.

What about accommodation?

The island boasts of plenty of budget and luxury accommodation facilities. You are going to make a choice according to your tastes and preferences. There are popular destinations in the country where you are going to find quality attractions along with plenty of outstanding hotels. Some top hotels in the province include;

  • Ceasar Park Taipei
  • Hotel Eclat
  • Riviera Hotel Taipei
  • Hotel Riverview Taipei
  • Park Taipei Hotel
What about the official language?

Being a province of China, Chinese is the official language used in the province. There are plenty of dialects used here, but most of them have Chinese roots. Foreign languages like English are also spoken but in major tourist destinations. The currency used in the island is known as New Taiwan dollar. If you would like to pay for services like car rental, accommodation, taxis among others, exchange your currency for the Taiwan dollar. Ensure you do so at banks or authorized exchange outlets.

Are there tourist destinations in Taiwan?

Taiwan province of China boasts of a wide range of tourist destinations. Apart from its richness with regard to architecture palaces, temples and historic buildings, there are other top attractions like national parks, shopping centers, mountains, beaches and many more.

The National Palace Museum is one of the most visited destinations in Taiwan. It comprises of both a museum and an art gallery. The museum is believed to be home for the largest collection of Chinese articrafts all over the world. The Chiang kai-shek Memorial hall is another destination that commands attention from a wide array of tourists in Taiwan. It was constructed after the death of the famed Taiwanese leader Chiang Kai-shek.  

Taiwan province boasts of plenty of clean sand beaches where you can bask in the sun at any time of the day. You can also engage in plenty of water sports like diving, snorkeling, surfing among others. To travel comfortably to the numerous varieties of destinations in Taiwan, all you need to do is rent a car.

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