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Umea Alviks Airport Car Rental | Car Hire in Umea Alviks Airport

Umea Alviks Airport Car RentalFrom Umeå Airport to the European Capital of Culture

Among Sweden’s big cities is Umeå which is located 600km to the north of Stockholm. This is a popular education and cultural center. It is the largest city in Norrland and hosts two large universities and medical research centers in the country.

Umeå airport located in the southern outskirts is the ultimate link to this great city. The airport facility receives close to one million passengers annually. It is located just 5 minutes from the city center and it is the 7th largest Swedish airport.

The public port hosts international and domestic flights. There are major airlines like Air Baltic, Lufthansa, and Norwegian Air Shuttle en route. You will find seasonal, regular and charter varieties plying the Nordic destinations including Stockholm, Zurich and Ostersund.

What are some of the cultural attractions in Umeå?

The Scandinavian tours around Umeå offer memorable expeditions. You will get entertained by a host of cultural activities including music, film and historical attractions. This is a host to the annual film and music festivals in Europe. It is also home to heavy metal bands like the Meshuggah and Nocturnal Rites.

  • Festivals

Every year, Umeå hosts large festivals in the region. The annual Umeå Jazz Festival draws tourists from all over Europe and the world. For the best of Norrland Opera music varieties, the Opera in north Sweden is the best entertainment spot for you. The city is resident to popular music bands and artists

  • Museums

Museum tours include a visit to the Bildmuseet Museum of Contemporary Art and Visual Culture. This is a great spot for educational tours and learning. Find out about the historic Sami people of northern Sweden from the museums. The city also has old buildings with unique architectural designs. If you are an outdoors person, the Gamlia outdoor museum is ideal

  • Sports

Sweden is popular for its Skiing activities and the Swedish Ski Museum is a treat for your tours.

Did you know that Sweden has one of the best female soccer teams of the world? In fact the Umeå IK women’s soccer team topped the list in 2008. You will also find other sports clubs in the city including the Roller Derby team.

Points for smart travel around Umeå

The subarctic atmosphere has a variety of nature attractions too. If you prefer warm weather conditions, you can visit the city between April and October. For speedy transportation, Umea airport transfers by car hire systems are affordable and efficient. Take advantage of Umea’s superb road network and two European Highways to link with other cities and countries in the area. Simply hire a car to self drive or take your family around the Umeå sites and hot spots.

Connecting to other countries of the region in a comfortable car rental gives you an amazing opportunity for individual tours around the region. Most tourists make early car hire reservations online for quick airport transfers. From Umeå airport, you will find exclusive vehicles suitable for all travelers. While a car rental operator offers private transport, you could also travel by rail for spectacular views of 140 bridges and 25 tunnels.

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