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The Wonders of Suriname

The smallest sovereign state in South America is Suriname. It borders Guyana, Brazil, and the Atlantic Ocean. Its capital city is Paramaribo.  Its geographical terrain features a lowland coast and a tropical rain forest. Its population is barely 500,000 and it is a multicultural community.  The Surinamese are largely Christians and you will find beautiful church building in various locations. Dutch is the official language in the country and you will find a number of dialects in regions.

Cultural diversities

In Suriname, you find Amerindians, Hindustani, Creoles, and several communities of European origin. As a result of this mix, you will find all kinds of celebrations including the 8th of August day for the immigration of Javanese. There is also the Day of the Indigenous people and Immigration of Indians Day. Religious holidays and international celebrations also feature in the country.

Suriname offers a lot of tourist activities to keep you occupied the whole time. From the Surname regions, you find all kinds of monuments representing the diverse ethnic groupings. Cultural tourists will find interesting villages like Powaka in the outskirts and local drives. To get to the interior regions, you need to hire a car from a reliable car rental company.


This capital has numerous attractions ranging from cultural to natural features. Tourists are assured of world class facilities in this town. Whether you are searching for the best rental units for your vacation, car hire services or affordable joints, Paramaribo is a reliable city. It has popular nature reserves for ecotourism. It is also home to landmark sites like the Jules Wijdenbosch Bridge, the Cathedral of St Peter and St, Paul, as well as the Mosque next to a Synagogue. Shoppers will find all kinds of products in the famous Parbo market.

More attractions and Car hire in Suriname

A visit to Suriname is incomplete without a tour to the artificial White Beach. You can choose to enjoy swimming in the location or simply take a walk along the spectacular site. Sports addicts have a lot of action happening in Suriname. You will find cycling, cross country marathons, sea sports, water sports and mountain sports. There are numerous indoor and outdoor activities for everyone to enjoy.

Central Suriname is enriched with nature reserves with a diverse wildlife. Other parks include the Galibi Nature reserve, and the Brownsberg Nature Park. In the reserves, you find rare species like the sea turtles. If you love hiking and mountain expeditions, the Mazaroni plateau and the Nassau Mountains are your ultimate choice. Suriname has a variety of bird species to entice tourists who love bird watching. Among the top attractions is the Neotropical butterfly Park with colorful varieties of butterflies from the region. However, in order to move around you need car hire services and better yet, you can get access to cheap car hire services.

Suriname tourists always find rewarding trips. To crown the amazing attractions, you find affordable rates for all the services that you need. You get reliable transport from the airport and across Suriname. The country prides in having the best resorts for your accommodation. You find vibrant entertainment joints with a variety of fun. Suriname is a small country with so much to offer in tourism.

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