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Colombo Airport Car Rental | Rent a car Colombo Airport

Colombo Airport Car RentalColombo is one of the most beautiful cities in Sri Lanka. It has a lot of beautiful natural and historical sites. Despite the modernisation and the urbanisation, the historical characteristics of the city have been maintained beautifully. The city is the capital of Sri Lanka and features a number of structures which are up to 2000 years old.  See these and more with Colombo car hire options which are easy to arrange.   

Lakpahana is a showroom that carries traditional handicrafts including lacework, jewellery, masks and batiks. It is a great place for tourists to go shopping for souvenirs, particularly for those who are looking for something very unusual to take home. Alternatively, you can head for a Buddhist temple for a day out.  Kelaniya Raja Maha Vihara is one which is worth seeing. The temple has been destroyed twice; once by Indians and then by the Portuguese. It was restored on both occasions.

The gallery café is famous in Colombo because it was the office of Geoffrey Bawa, who was the most famous architect in Sri Lanka. It is an open-air café with a pebble courtyard. As a matter of fact, Bawa’s desk is still in the café. The stunning décor of the place is inspired by Sri Lankan design and culture. The food offered is authentic Sri Lankan cuisine and it is the perfect place to meet a few of the friendly locals. Car hire is a great way to reach this attraction and explore those which are nearby.

For those who are looking for great shopping opportunities in Colombo, the House of Fashion is the place to be. It is a three story outlet with multiple shops and it the biggest outlet for the nation’s garment industry. Most of the items have huge discounts on them. Those who want to buy household items should go to Odel Unlimited, which is just a few minutes away from the House of Fashion.  Car rental is a must for those who are expecting to buy a lot of items.

To enjoy the nightlife of Colombo the best place to go is Rhythm and Blues. It has live music including rock, R&B and blues. Even after midnight and till 4 in the morning there will be partygoers there.

The religiously significant, Isipathanaramaya Temple is very beautiful and filled with culture and tradition. It has beautiful frescoes as well and is the perfect place to relax in tranquillity.  Colombo car rental is a must for those who want to explore all that this fascinating city has to offer.

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Some Problems With The Car=)

There were some problems with car electric. at the beginning of our rental period airbag indicator on an on-board computer display have started blinking and ae signaling (at the moment of pushing break pedal). we hope you'll repair it before the next rent. besides that, it looks like air conditioner in the car needs checking and repair, cause it works intermittently.