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Wild Expeditions across Peruvian Terrain with a Rental Car

If you are searching for the best details of the largest state in Pre-Columbian America, Peru is your destination. Learn about the Norte Chico civilization of the Inca Empire as you enjoy a variety of attractions that the Republic of Peru has to offer. Sample the best of the terrain featuring the Amazon Basin, Andes mountains and tropical forests. This multi ethnic region comprises of mixed races with close to 30 million people. As you visit the region, you will find unique cultural traditions depicted in arts, crafts, literature, music, religion and food varieties.

In Peru, you will find a good number of rivers flowing from the Andes. These drain into the Pacific Ocean, Amazon basin and Lake Titicaca. These river basins are popular centers of attractions.  The waterways include small and large rivers. Notable is the Amazon, Ucayali, Maranon and Putumayo among others.  Such regions have a large bio diversity featuring varied climatic zones, terrain and ecosystem. If you plan to tour different parts of the Andes, compare the weather patterns for an ideal season. You will find rain in summer, cold winters and seasonal rainfall. This should guide your touring activities. Summer time is always an ideal time for expeditions, sightseeing and great outdoor activities. 

Natural Attractions

Peru hosts over 21,462 species of plants and animals. These are exotic and indigenous varieties. Within the Peruvian rainforest, you will have a jungle encounter with nature’s best. It is home to numerous birds, insects, mammals and trees. Tourists love the Manu National Park and its biosphere reserve.  The Amazon jungle of Peru is a memorable sight. You can travel through this expansive jungle by boat. Interact with the wild in a unique way. If you enjoy fishing, canoeing, and nature tours, this is your perfect location.


If you are a beach tourist in Peru, take your time and visit Mancora. This is a Pacific beach with exceptional sandy beach resorts for your ultimate comfort. Couples love taking strolls along the beach and the landscape has luxurious night clubs and hotels for day and night entertainment. 

Can you find an oasis in Peru?

The small oasis town named Huacachina encircles a small lake surrounded by beautiful sand dunes. You can find this hot spot via a convenient car rental from main towns. This is a spectacular sight for great desert expeditions. Some of these places are conveniently accessible by use of car hire rather than other means of transport such as bus or taxi.

Cultural attractions

The interesting Amerindian culture is part of Peru’s heritage. In the country, you will find Spanish influences and Peruvian traditions blending to produce a unique identity. Tourists sample the best of Peru’s lifestyle as seen in its arts, crafts, paintings, jewelry and textiles. You will find collections from the pre-Inca era and pre-Columbian civilization in Chan Chan. Enjoy traditional cuisine, music, entertainment and languages from Peruvian, Amerindian and Spanish origins.

Car hire in Peru

Whatever your preference, Peru has a host of attractions for the whole family to enjoy. If you consider a Peruvian vacation treat for your family, make online reservations for their accommodation, and travel. To save on your expenses make use of the cheap car hire services in Peru. This is the best mode of transport for you to explore this land fully. The best part is that car rental agencies are readily available even upon arrival at the airports of Lima.

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