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Tuxtla Gutierrez Angel Albino Corzo Airport Car Rental | Car Hire in Tuxtla Gutierrez Angel Albino Corzo Airport

Tuxtla Gutierrez Angel Albino Corzo Airport Car RentalAngel Albino Corzo International Airport Guide

Angel Albino Corozo Airport is located in Chiapa de Corozo in Chiapas, Mexico. It is also referred to as Tuxtla Airport because it serves the city of Tuxtla. It is also the main airport that serves a popular tourist destination known as San Cristobal de la Casas.

Airport facilities

The airport is quite large with the capacity to handle about 350 operations every day. This means that per year it could accommodate around 850’000 passengers. The airport has one concrete runway that is 2’500 meters long. It has a parallel taxiway as well as a number of hangers. Within the airport are two aprons; a general aviation apron and a commercial aviation apron. There is also a military base within the compound. The terminal is very large with world class facilities such as the six glass jetways with two of them large enough to handle the Boeing 767. In 2011, the airport served more than 784’000 passenger comfortably.

Customer service

There are a couple of commercial airlines that will take you to as far as Huston, Texas. Other airlines fly to Mexico City, Oaxaca and other regions within Mexico. At the terminal building, there are various facilities such as shops and cafes. This is also where you will find the lost and found department offices. The airport is busy every day so it is quite common for luggage to get lost. Due to the frequent loss of luggage, the staff at the lost and found department is always alert and ready so as to efficiently serve the passengers. There are also custom offices to provide visas and other legal documents for a peaceful stay in the country. Within the terminal building, there are offices that are set up to arrange for your transport and accommodation. There are also travel agents that could advise you on the best tourist destinations in the country and how you will get there. The customer services offered are of high quality thus satisfaction is guaranteed.


The   hotels in Tuxtla are not of the highest quality and have escalating charges. Therefore, it is advised that you visit the city of Chiapa de Corzo for better accommodation

Travelling to and from the airport

There are buses, taxis and rental cars available at the airport. The buses operate between major cities in the region and often make stops at towns that are found along the way.  You could also opt to take a taxi to your destination. However, the can really be expensive and especially if you are traveling to far off destinations such as Chiapa de Corzo. Therefore, the most convenient mode of transport is car hire. You can get cheap car services to suit your budget perfectly well.

Cheap car rental companies can be found inside the terminals. The car rental agencies have a wide collection of vehicles from which you can choose a car that suits your budget.   Car hire is cheap and convenient especially when you hire your car on weekly basis. You also get the freedom to travel at your own leisure.

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