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Luxembourg Airport Car Rental | Car Hire in Luxembourg Airport

Luxembourg Airport Car RentalLuxembourg is a very beautiful country, which is particularly famous for its castles and man-made historical sites. Luxembourg is not big in size, though it has a number of natural forests, vineyards and attractive rock formations. The great thing about Luxembourg is that all of the fascinating sites are in close proximity to on another so opting for car rental can be a great way to get around a lot of places in just a few days.  

The capital of the country is usually called Luxembourg although it is sometimes referred to as Luxembourg City. Luxembourg City is divided into several districts. In the northwest of the city there is a very beautiful old town, which is also a UNESCO heritage site. It has a few elegant squares, churches and cobblestone streets. The Plateau du Kirchberg is a modern area in the northeast. This area is filled with shopping centres and options for entertainment. There are many European Union institutions here.

Luxembourg City is the only urban area of a large size in the country. The rest of the Luxembourg is divided into small villages and districts. However, each small village has its own attractions. The medieval Vianden is the main tourist attraction outside of the capital. In Vianden there is a hilltop castle which attracts a lot of tourists from around the world. Around the year, a lot of festivals are held in Vianden that depict the past of Luxembourg and help visitors to learn more about the culture of the country.   

The oldest town in the country is Echternach, which was founded in the 7th century. The “little Switzerland” is close by, which is a small region and attracts a lot of mountain bikers and hikers for its rocky outcrops and cliffs.  Car hire makes it easier to explore areas such as this. 

Close to the border of Germany is the Moselle Valley. The Moselle Valley is famous for its microclimate. Because of the suitable climate, the area has become very popular for producing good quality wines.

Ardennes is famous for picturesque scenery in the northern half of Luxembourg. The locals call it Eisleck and this region is famous for its serenity and calmness combined with the scenic views. 

In the town of Bascharge and Wiltz visitors will find a lot of breweries and enjoy some great alcoholic drinks. A hotel called the Béierhaascht Brewery Hotel can be found in the area and has been developed especially for the people who would like a taste of the region’s true alcoholic produce.

Clervaux is a market town that can trace its history back to the medieval times. The most popular attraction of Clervaux is a castle, which was built in the 12th century and is now used as government offices.

Finding your way around is easy but is made even easier with Luxembourg car rental services.  Enjoy touring one of Europe’s best-kept secrets in style and comfort.

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