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Sardinia Olbia Costa Smeralda Airport Car Rental | Car Hire in Sardinia Olbia Costa Smeralda Airport

A port town with a famed coastline with turquoise waters which attracts many tourists every year. This is Olbia at the Costa Smeralda. Either you’re here for rest or to take part in the outdoor activities, it has it all. Some of the activities take place outside of Olbia and a smart way to move around here is by renting a car. Check our website for competitive rental prices.

Sardinia Olbia Costa Smeralda Airport Car RentalIf you’re looking for a proper Mediterranean holiday, filled with sunshine, fine beaches and spectacular views of the bluish green ocean, Sardinia in Italy is the place to be. From superb walkathons to adventure sports along the beachside, Costa Smeralda and Olbia are the prime beach-spot destinations in Sardinia.  Explore these twin towns with easy to arrange car rental and make it a holiday to remember.

One of the major tourist attractions in Sardinia is the harbour at Olbia, popularly nicknamed the ‘ferry town’. You can make use of the various ferry packages for trips to other ports and book private yachts by the hour. The serpentine roads along the tiny hills that dot the harbour make for good road trips with car hire services as well as offering spectacular views.

Do not expect too much modernisation in Olbia.  The town has remained virtually unchanged for centuries and many tourists come here for that reason alone.  It is a great place to get a sense of the traditional side of Sardinian life.  

Tourists flock to Costa Smeralda by the dozen to spend time on the amazing beaches it has in its vicinity – the Romazzino, the Cappriccioli and the Liscia Ruia are considered to be the best.  Apart from the usual scuba-diving, sunbathing and snorkelling facilities, these beaches also feature famous ship-wrecks that make for great diving vantage points. Parasailing, kayaking and yachting are other activities available and there is something here for people of all ages.

The night-life along these beaches is extremely extravagant and the party scene boasts of huge names throughout the years. If you want to brush shoulders with the likes of Leonardo di Caprio, UK footballers and plenty of other celebrities, Costa Smeralda is the place to be.  Make the most of car hire to head for this area in the evening if you want to party with the stars.

Featuring seven beautiful islands, the Della Maddalena is a wonderful camping place and the clear waters of the Mediterranean ensure excellent snorkelling and swimming. There are ferry services from both Olbis and Costa Smeralda which are available round the clock at reasonable prices. With natural splendour available in plenty, Della Maddalena is another must visit spot in Sardinia and a great place to be to get away from traditional tourist attractions. 

Shopping around the Costa Smeralda is a pleasurable experience with many markets offering exotic local merchandise as well as branded goods from abroad. Porto Cervo and Rotondo are exquisite shopping outlets in the city.  A trip to Sardinia can be as fun-packed and active as you choose, but when you travel, do it in style with Sardinia car rental services.

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Car rental tips for Sardinia Olbia Costa Smeralda Airport

Extra car rental equipment

Most car rentals offer extra options like baby/child seat/boosters, GPS, additional driver, luggage rack, snow chains or even Wifi. Check the detailed rental terms for the extra fee.

Distance Airport to downtown

Sardinia Olbia Costa Smeralda Airport is 3.6 km away from downtown Olbia. It will take +/- 10 minutes to travel from the Airport to downtown.


When traveling we advise to carry some Euros to avoid any unwanted surprises. At Sardinia Olbia Costa Smeralda Airport there are Money Exchange offices in order to change your local currency.

Time zone

The local time code for Sardinia is CEST.


When traveling to Sardinia make sure to check the local weather conditions in order to avoid any unpleasant surprises.


Sardinia has approximately 1.656 million inhabitants.

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