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Bari Airport Car Rental | Rent a car Bari Airport

A port city in the Adriatic Sea. To visit Bari and truly know the city will take you more than a couple of days. Outside the city centre you may find the city ugly, but move outside the city and the scenery changes completely and you will find it green and attractive, covered with olive oil trees. A cheap rental car might be the best way to explore and discover the city and its surroundings.

Bari Airport Car RentalLocated off the Adriatic Sea in the Apulia region of Italy, Bari is a lesser known yet charming vacation getaway. Featuring clean unspoilt beaches, colourful countryside with exotic flora and fauna, minus the crowds and the noise that comes with regular travel destinations, Bari is on its way to becoming the most preferred weekend getaway. Car rentals are available for the independent traveller who wishes to explore this beautiful area at their own pace.

One of the highly popular attractions in Bari would be the Bari Vecchia, or the Old City filled with its Roman Cathedrals, mansions and palaces. The biggest church is Bari is the Basilica of Saint Nicholas with a gold ceiling and other medieval exhibits. Other important places to visit include the Monastery of Saint Scholastica, the Fortino of Saint Anthony, the Palazzo del Catapano and the Church of Saint Gregory. Our car hire service is a fabulous option to help you traverse the beautiful Bari terrain.

The caves at Bari, The Grotte de Castalana are some of the most magnificent ones around. They offer you splendid camping places in the hills, not to mention the breath-taking views of the countryside. Deep down into the cave, almost 6000 channels and streams can be found with shimmery stalagmites in them. The deep dark alley in the cave is often referred to as la Grave.

Full of quaint old buildings and excavation sites, Alberobello is now a world heritage site on the UNESCO list. The buildings, known as trulli, are shaped with cone roofs and many of them are uninhabited now, with empty rooms and huge gardens. These unique homes were once a symbol of status, as the homes with more cones were usually owned by the richer members of the community. The various cafes and restaurants nearby make for a wonderful day at the countryside with their delectable cuisine.

Bari, being on the Adriatic Coastal area, has some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Surfing and sailing are major sports in the beaches and there are many resorts providing these facilities. You can sunbath to your heart’s content and enjoy the delicious dinner spread at the restaurants and cafes. In addition, you can also embark on voyages to Greece, Dubrovnik and other places through ferry and yacht services at Bari. By booking our car hire services, you are sure to enjoy the coastline.

We provide car hire services to enable you to discover the nearby towns of Matera, Trani and its majestic Cathedral, Molfetta and Polignano a Mare much easier. Enjoy a dream vacation at Bari.

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Car rental tips for Bari Airport

Traffic fines

Be advised that car rental companies block a certain amount on your credit card to cover any unforeseen fee’s like traffic fines or toll fee’s.

Public transportation

At Bari Airport are several ways to get to and from the airport. Check the corresponding time table for the departure times of the buses or Metro. Another option is to go by taxi which will be more expensive but more direct.


When traveling we advise to carry some Euros to avoid any unwanted surprises. At Bari Airport there are Money Exchange offices in order to change your local currency.

Time zone

The local time code for Bari is CEST.


When traveling to Bari make sure to check the local weather conditions in order to avoid any unpleasant surprises.


Bari has approximately 326,799 inhabitants.


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