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Sardinia Alghero Fertilia Airport Car Rental | Car Hire in Sardinia Alghero Fertilia Airport

Alghero the biggest city in northwestern Sardinia and has is own Airport Sardinia Alghero Fertilia Airport many people rent a cheap car from this airport to explore this amazing Italian Island.  

Sardinia Alghero Fertilia Airport Car RentalIf you thought Sardinia was only about the beautiful sea shore and the lofty mountain ranges, think again.  Alghero is a small medieval colonial town in Sardinia and is a certified heritage site with beautiful monuments. beautiful coastline and plenty of trekking and caravanning options. For all those who want to experience everything right from historical monuments, botanical gardens, the beachside and the mountains in one place – Alghero is your dream destination.  In Alghero, car hire is one of the best options for getting to see everything that you want to see.

Thanks to its Catalan origins, Alghero is called the ‘Little Barcelona’ by most tourists and travellers from around the world. The Nuraghe di Palmavera, the Palazzo d’Albis and the Witch Houses (Domus de Janas) in Alghero are completely Catalan in architectural style. The Su Nuraxi monument has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1997. The castle of Boceano and other cathedrals in Alghero are exceptions as they have heavy European design influences in their construction.  Nevertheless, Alghero is a superbly planned colonial town in Sardinia.

The pristine beaches of La Pelosa and Stintino are not the only aquatic attractions of Alghero.  After a day marvelling at the interiors of the city, you can take a boat trip to Neptune’s Grotto with under water cliffs and the ‘Goats’ Staircase’, which is about 10 minutes from Coppa Caccia, a sea station in the Mediterranean. The skyline from the vantage point is simply astounding and with a host of marine activities, you may not want to come back to the mainland.  Whether its surfing, boating, deep sea diving or boat trips around the sea, La Pelosa offers you the best there is and if you need specialist equipment, car hire makes it so much easier to transport.  Scuba diving aficionados can try the Marine Reserve, about 30 minutes by ferry, which is the most sophisticated scuba diving lounges in the world.

Bosa is yet another medieval town with a few historical monuments and Argentiara is a mining town with excavations and archives form the major attractions in the vicinity. These are great places to visit to find out more about the history of the region.  You can reach these towns by car through one of the most spectacular driveways in the world – the East Coastal Road with its prominent sea and cliff views.

The charm of Alghero is that it has something for everyone – with an eclectic mix of sightseeing options and is thus, a great travel destination. With car hire services available when you arrive, you are sure to be able to make the most of your time here.

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Car rental tips for Sardinia Alghero Fertilia Airport

Traffic fines

Be advised that car rental companies block a certain amount on your credit card to cover any unforeseen fee’s like traffic fines or toll fee’s.

Public transportation

At Sardinia Alghero Airport are several ways to get to and from the airport. Check the corresponding time table for the departure times of the buses. Another option is to go by taxi which will be more expensive but more direct.


When traveling we advise to carry some Euros to avoid any unwanted surprises. At Sardinia Alghero there are Money Exchange offices in order to change your local currency.

Time zone

The local time code for Sardinia is CEST.


When traveling to Sardinia make sure to check the local weather conditions in order to avoid any unpleasant surprises.


Sardinia has approximately 1.663 million inhabitants.


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Sardinia Alghero Fertilia Airport car rental reviewSardinia Alghero Fertilia Airport car rental reviewSardinia Alghero Fertilia Airport car rental reviewSardinia Alghero Fertilia Airport car rental reviewSardinia Alghero Fertilia Airport car rental review



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