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Milan Car Rental | Car Hire in Milan

Milan Car RentalMilan, Italy is considered one of the world's most fashionable, stylish cities. Financially the most important city in the country, Milan is a marketplace for Italian fashion and the second most populous city in Italy. It is a Mecca for opera, high-end shopping, football, and boasts a thriving nightlife.

While car rental is a great choice for exploring the scenic city of Milan, get some exercise while on vacation on a walking tour to enjoy the city's alluring landmarks, buildings, and attractions at your leisure. The tours generally last around two hours; afterwards, jump back in your rental car and head off for some traditional Italian cuisine at the Antica Focacceria San Francesco, located near the Duomo church.

The Palazzo Borromeo in central Milan has frescoes, courtyards, and a famous painting of the aristocracy playing games situated in the Sala dei Giochi room. The painting has undergone a chemical reaction causing the blue of the sky to go red. Also in central Milan is the Palazzo Real. Mozart played at the Palazzo Real as a child, making it an interesting historical site for music lovers to visit. Car hire is a simple, effective solution for transportation between these attractions.

The Fiera di Milano or trade fair was founded in 1920 to stimulate the domestic trade market after the war in Italy. It has since become a favoured exhibition theatre hosting specialty shows, attracting upwards of three million visitors annually with upwards of 30,000 exhibitors. The Fiera di Milano is sure to provide entertainment for your whole family.

Car rental is important to utilize if you are planning a trip to Lake Como, which is easily the most charming of the Italian lakes. It is the third largest and the deepest lake in Italy. Como is shaped as an inverted Y or as a U, depending on who you talk to. Lake Como is surrounded by lush, green gardens and trees and the peaks of the snow-capped Alps are visible in the distance. Bring your camera for a day trip to Como and prepare to be captivated by its endless beauty. Plan to stay for the whole day, if not longer, to fully enjoy all that Lake Como has to offer.

Meazza Stadium was designed by Leonardo da Vinci, although he didn't live to see his plans come to life. The stadium is the namesake of a famous football player Giuseppe Meazza who played for both the Inter and Milan city teams. It has been rebuilt and modernized since it's construction in 1926, and has a holding capacity of 85,000 spectators. The Meazza Stadium is rich with Milan's history and exciting for all visitors.

Whether you are planning a romantic getaway or a fun-filled family vacation, Milan has something to offer everyone. Car hire is a simple, effective way to explore the city without stress, as transportation should be high on your list of priorities while visiting Milan.

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