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Brindisi Airport Car Rental | Rent a car Brindisi Airport

Brindisi Airport Car RentalBrindisi is an Italian city located on the coast of the Adriatic Sea. It is part of the Apulia region and is the capital of the province of the Brindisi. It is a natural port and has industries based on agriculture, chemicals and energy production. The city plays an important role in trade with Greece and the Middle East because of its natural port. The region is fascinating and much easier to explore with car rental. 

The Castello Svevo or Castello Grande is a major tourist destination. It was built by Emperor Fredrick II and it was abandoned for centuries before Joachim Murat turned it into a prison in 1813. The Italian Navy used it after 1909 and it was the residence of King Victor Emmanuel III during World War II for a brief period. The Catalan-Aragonese Castle, also known as Forte a Mare, is also very famous. It was built by King Ferdinand I of Naples in 1491.

The Duomo was built in a Roman style around the 11th-12th centuries. What one sees today is the reconstruction. It was destroyed by an earthquake in 1743. The Church of Santa Maria del Casale is another must-see. The interiors include early 14th century frescoes including The Last Judgment. The Church of San Benedetto, built before the 11th century, is decorated with motifs which date from that time. It has got a massive bell-tower which is an attraction for visitors.  Brindisi car hire is a popular choice for visitors who want to see attractions such as this one. 

The Portico of the Templars, built in the 13th century is now the entrance to the Museo Ribezzo. The Grand Fountain is another hit amongst the tourists. It was built by the Romans and restored by Tancred of Leece in 1192. Other well known churches include the Church of Santa Maria degli Angeli, the Church of the Sacred Heart, and the Church of San Giovanni al Sepolcro.

Brindisi has not only got forts and churches, it also has some environmentally protected areas. Some of these are newly established. The Regional Natural Park of Punta della Contessa Salt is a wetland spread over an area of 214 acres. The Regional Nature Reserve Forest Cerano is a protected natural area which comes under the territory of Brindisi and San Pietro Vernotico. The Regional Nature Reserve Bosco of Santa Teresa and Lucci is also a protected natural area. It is composed of two forests.

One can enjoy both the history and natural beauty in Brindisi but no matter what you choose you can have the peace of mind that Brindisi car rental is available at the touch of a button.

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