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Ancona Airport Car RentalAncona, situated on the Adriatic Sea, is an important city in Italy’s coastal Marche region. With its sandy beaches, beautiful coastline and picturesque countryside, Ancona has been blessed with many beautiful features. One advantage with Ancona is that it is not as crowded and fast-paced as other tourist destinations, so you can move around and absorb the various sights here, at your own leisurely pace. Our car rental services let you do that in style, and at very reasonable rates.

The cathedral is one of the few landmark monuments present in Ancona. Built in the 11th century, one of the striking features of the cathedral is that it has a boat-shaped exterior and a 12-sided cupola. It has been found that this Church was built after demolishing a temple dedicated to the goddess Venus and the ruins are visible below the Church. Another huge attraction is the splendid views that are obtained from the Tower of the cathedral, situated on top of the hill overlooking Ancona.

A lush green park in the hills near the city, the Parco del Carneto features grassy lawns, ornate gardens, horticulture exhibits, children’s play areas and many more amenities. An added interest is the spectacular views available when viewed from the hills above – the Ancona skyline, the seaside and the countryside! Our car hire services take you to many more places of interest on the hills.

Around 500 masterpieces by eminent painters of the 14th century to the 18th century are kept in the Pinacoteca Communale Art Gallery located in the Palazzo Bosdari square of Ancona. The art and cultural artefact collections are taken mostly from the Marche and the Veneto regions of Italy, with certain Romanesque paintings available too.

Though we’ve listed it pretty much towards the bottom of our list, chances are that you’d like to rush towards the beach after setting foot in Ancona. The white powder sand, the pristine coastline and the calm blue waters beckon you to go swimming and completely rejuvenate yourself. Some popular beaches in the vicinity of Ancona include Ulderico and Mount Conero amongst others. You also get to sample wonderful local seafood there. Our car hire services help you get to the many beaches in Ancona and arrive in style.

Ancona is surrounded by many towns in its vicinity, each of which has a colourful history of its own. Certain noteworthy towns are Portonovo, Santa Maria di baria and Sirolo. With our car hire services, you could visit all of them during your holiday here in Ancona.

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Car rental tips for Ancona Airport

What documentation do I need to rent a car in Ancona Airport

A valid driving license in the name of the main driver and additional drivers is required, held for a minimum year requirement. An International License is also required, along with your own home license if you are renting out of the country where your home license was issued. Please always check in your own country for full details and requirements on where to obtain one. Also a credit card in the name of the main driver is needed when you want to rent a car.

Toll roads in Ancona Airport

In many cities and countries you have toll roads, most toll roads you can pay with cash or with your credit card, however some car rental companies offer electronic toll devices, depending on the car rental agent the price this toll device is included in the rental price or not, in the detailed terms of each car rental agent you can find this information. The electronic toll device allows automatic payments of all fees due for passing through any electronic toll barrier, when you arrive at the car rental desk you can activate this toll device and the toll expenses will be automatically paid in your credit card.

Popular rent a car destination

Ancona Airport is a popular rent a car destination, there are many car rental companies in Ancona Airport with a wide range of different car categories. Many of our clients have rented a car in Ancona Airport and had good experiences. Do not wait with booking your car for Ancona Airport before you know prices will go up and the availability will get low.

My flight arrives at midnight. Are there still car rental agents open then?

For most locations it is possible to take a rental car out of office hours. When making a booking you can select the pick up time. If the pick up time is after opening hours, please check if there is an out of hours fee applicable. This fee must be paid on arrival directly to the car rental company. You can find the information in the detailed terms and conditions.

Drive your rental car in Ancona Airport

Driving around in the city of Ancona Airport with a rental car can be a hassle but not impossible. Its a good way to move around but we advise to have a look at the local traffic rules as they may vary with what you are used to. Take in mind that in rush hour traffic can be pretty dense and it can take longer before you reach your destination.

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Facts about car rental in Ancona Airport

  • Last month, the average car rental length at Ancona Airport was 3 days.
  • The average rental car length at Ancona Airport is 2 days.
  • The most booked rental car type currently at Ancona Airport is ECONOMY cars.
  • Last year, the most booked rental car type at Ancona Airport were ECONOMY cars.
  • How much does it cost to rent a car at Ancona Airport? Last month, the average car rental price was 207 USD.
  • Last year, how much did it cost to rent a car at Ancona Airport? Last year, the average car rental price was 123 USD.
  • What is the current average daily price to rent a at Ancona Airport? Last month, the average rental price was 69 USD per day.
  • How much did it cost to rent a car at Ancona Airport over the past 12 months? Last Year, the average rental price was 53 USD per day.
  • The car rental companies available at Ancona Airport are: Sicily, carnect.

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