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A hidden gem in the Asia Pacific region: Guam

Located on the North Pacific Ocean, the island of Guam has a storied history. The island was initially an overseas territory of Spain but was ceded to the USA government in the year 1898. During the Second World War, the island was captured by the Japanese. However, three years later, the island was restored to the USA. Today, Guam holds one of America’s most strategic military bases in the Asia Pacific basin. Guam is neighbored by Hawaii, and the Philippines.

An overview of Guam using figures is presented below:

  • 544 square kilometers: this is the total land area of this island nation. This is almost thrice the size of Washington DC.
  • 122 Kilometers:  this is the distance of Guam’s coastline.
  • 12 Nautical miles: this is the territorial distance that Guam has claim over the Pacific Ocean.
  • 13 28 N and 144 47 E: these are the coordinates of this island for those looking for map references.
  • 406 meters: the highest point on this island. This high point happens to be Mount Lamlam.
  • 2.5 Billion Dollars: this is the annual GDP of the island of Guam. This works out to a per capita income of some $ 15,000.

The island nation of Guam has three main sectors that are responsible for its economic growth:

  • Agriculture sector.
  • Industry sector.
  • Services sector.

Another sector rapidly expanding in Guam is the tourism industry. This has consequently led to the development of the car hire services. Cheap car hire services are available for tourists on a budget and need to get around Guam comfortably. Some of the activities that you can engage in while in Guam are:

  • Scuba diving – this is an enterprise that is operated by professionally run firms, and thus, safety is ensured.
  • Deep sea diving – while you can undertake deep sea diving for leisure purposes, there are a number of deep sea diving schools in this state that are professionally run, and grant internationally recognized certificates.
  • Tourism – one can while away their time by touring numerous museums, and historic sites that tell the rich story of this country. You will find professionally run tourism firms, or travel agencies that offer tour guide options as part of the travel package. For purposes of convenience, you will need the services of a car hire firm.

Car hire in Guam

Car rental firms in Guam come in a wide range. There are car rental companies that are independently run, while others are publicly run. There is however, one attribute that is present in all these car hire agencies; you are assured of getting professional and reliable services from all these car hire companies. Even when dealing with a cheap car hire firm, you can always be assured that you ultimately get value for money.

All the car rental agencies in Guam adhere to international best car hire practices with regard to operations. You will have a choice between local or international car hire agencies while in Guam.

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