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Skiathos Airport Car Rental | Car Hire in Skiathos Airport

Skiathos Airport Car RentalSkiathos airport guide

Skiathos airport is located in the Skiathos Island in Greece. It has a runway that is over 500ft long and can accommodate aircrafts like the Boeing 757-200. The uneven terrain in the Skiathos Island led to the reclaiming of the land that was between Skiathos Island and a neighboring island where the airport was built. This merged the two islands into one huge island.

Airlines that service Skiathos airport
  • Adria airlines.
  • Air one.
  • Air Berlin.
  • Novair.
  • Astra airlines.
  • Neos air.
  • Viking airlines.
  • Thomas cook airlines.
  • Monarch airlines.
  • Thomson airlines.
What to expect upon landing 

Once you land at Skiathos airport, the airport procedure is the same as with most airports. You will go through custom checks and baggage reclaim after which you will be cleared for entry. When waiting for your turn at the custom queue, it is important to remain patient as the airport is small but serves a lot of people. The flights to Skiathos airport land mostly at the same time so the queue may take long. In case you have any queries, you will have to go through the staff as there is no info desk or lost luggage desks.  

Facts about Skiathos airport
  • Skiathos has a short distance runway meaning any long distance flight headed to the UK has to replenish fuel at Thessaloniki.
  • Skiathos airport is also referred to as Skiathos island national airport.
  • Flights to Skiathos are seasonal apart from Athens and Volos flights.
  •  Most of the flights from and to Skiathos comprise of charter flights.
  • The airport can handle more than 900,000 passengers annually.
Skiathos airport – Skiathos travel guide

Skiathos airport serves as the entry point to a breathtaking, green island of Skiathos. This island is a popular tourist destination mainly because of its great weather. If you love history, then Skiathos Island is worth visiting ad it offers a bit of the Greek history. The centre of Skiathos Island is home to the ancient town of Kastro which has been abandoned from time in history. This ancient town is the perfect place to visit for a peaceful and quiet excursion. Skiathos Island also has great hiking sites thanks to its nature trails. 

Facilities at the Skiathos airport    

The Skiathos airport is rather small and has no passenger facilities so it is better not to plan on spending too much time there. You can use the time to explore the beautiful island. You should expect some buzz when landing because of the runway’s short distance.

Transportation from Skiathos airport   

The only way to leave Skiathos airport is either by taxi or car hire.  The taxis at the airport enjoy monopoly and they use this as an excuse to charge exorbitantly for the service. The only other option is car hire. You will find a car hire desk just next to the terminal doorways. When you rent a car from Skiathos airport, you increase your mobility and are therefore able to explore as much of Skiathos as possible. You can also make advance car rental booking over the internet. This is the most ideal way to ensure you have an efficient and reliable means of transportation from Skiathos airport.

When you rent a car, you will enjoy convenient car hire drop off options since you can drop it off at the car hire parking space at the airport upon departure.

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Skiathos Airport car rental reviewSkiathos Airport car rental reviewSkiathos Airport car rental reviewSkiathos Airport car rental reviewSkiathos Airport car rental review


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