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Biarritz Airport Car Rental | Car Hire in Biarritz Airport

Biarritz Airport Car RentalFamous around the world particularly for its therapeutic and relaxing holidays, Biarritz is a beautiful city to visit. The thalassotherapy is one of the most renowned and effective spa treatments in Biarritz. There are a lot of shopping and entertaining opportunities along with great accommodations in Biarritz.

Biarritz began gaining a reputation all over the world as a great location to relax and rejuvenate in the 18th century. Even doctors began to recommend the area because of its fine coastal location and the calming sea air. The therapeutic effect on nature in Biarritz cannot easily be described. Even today a lot of doctors recommend Biarritz as a great location to get away from illness or stress. Some people even say that the sea has qualities that help cure patients – if you suffer from stress, then it is worth a try!

Due to this increasing fame for being naturally therapeutic, Biarritz began receiving a lot of visitors and tourists. During the 18th and 19th century a lot of renowned people visited Biarritz including the British and European Royal Families.

The most famous tradition of Biarritz is the Thalassotherapy and one can see a lot of thalassotherapy centres in Biarritz. The real thalassotherapy spas use fresh seawater, which is why only spas within half mile of the sea offer real thalassotherapy.  Why not make use of car hire solutions to visit one or two of these therapy centres?

Most famous for its thalassotherapy in Biarritz is the Hotel Mimar, which has a seawater swimming pool, a hammam and a sauna. The Pavilion Royale Campsite is very famous in Biarritz for its facilities like the heated swimming pool, sunbathing, shops and restaurants and Internet access. The most important and impressive thing about the Pavilion Royale Campsite is the unique access points on the fantastic surfing beach of Il Biarritz.  Take the family there using car rental services and enjoy a great day out.

Just close to the Pavilion Royale Campsite is a very famous 18-hole golf course. There is a small snack bar at the golf course. It is the perfect afternoon entertainment that one would want in Biarritz and is popular with both enthusiasts and beginners.  

Almost 15 minutes away from the Pavilion Royale Campsite is St Jean de Luz that offers a lot of great shopping opportunities. Here buyers can find almost all the renowned brands along with some local shops offering local handicrafts and souvenirs.  Car rental is a must for serious shoppers and there are plenty of other places in the town where a bargain can be found.

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